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Zero Day is an enemy faction featured in Watch Dogs: Legion. They are the primary antagonistic of the game's campaign, alongside Albion and Clan Kelley.


Zero-Day is a terrorist and hacker group in direct competition with the prominent hacker group DedSec and is accredited with framing DedSec for a major terrorist attack shown in the prologue of Watch Dogs: Legion. This attack lead to the rise of both Albion and Clan Kelley, along with the rise of corruption and oppression in London.

Their motive seems to be the destruction of London, however the reasons for this are somewhat unclear. It is believed by some that Zero Day are actually rogue SIRS agents. Towards the end of the campaign, Zero Day's real leader is found out to be Sabine Brandt.

Faction Ideology

Zero-Day appears to be more of a zealous variation of DedSec, with DedSec's doctrine being used with more extremist approaches, such as cyber-terrorist, extremist terrorism, unleashing anarchy and social disorder as well as destroying high technology developments. Zero Day strictly believes in resetting London back to a world without high technologies in order to actually "benefit" the people.

The ideology incorporates strict luddite beliefs as well as violent opposing "broken philosophies" held by most people in London. These "broken philosophies", according to them, makes the civilians of London just as corrupt, petty, dishonest and vindictive as the people who oppress and prey on them, be it the self-righteous and delusional Nigel Cass or sadistic opportunists like Clan Kelley.



  • Zero-Day is the main antagonistic faction of the Watch Dogs: Legion campaign, despite not possessing any territory or having any known members.
  • The mission Digging Up the Past shows that most of the soldiers and resources of Zero Day have been extracted from Albion and Clan Kelley.


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