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Eyes everywhere! Always watching! 
―Wrench Jr. Quote

Wrench Jr. is Wrench's personal robot that he created in Watch Dogs 2.


Wrench hijacked a security robot and made it into a "punk" version he calls Wrench Jr. Judging by the name, it is ostensibly treated as some companion robot to DedSec. A real version was included as a preorder bonus for some of the versions of Watch Dogs 2.


Watch Dogs 2

Wrench Jr. is first introduced in the Haum Sweet Haum operation. Wrench tells Marcus to hijack a Haum 2.0 pre-order shipment in order to find a zero day exploit in the OS. In doing so, Wrench discovers a security robot in the truck that Marcus stole, and later repaints and reprograms it into Wrench Jr.

Later, during the operation Robot Wars, T-Bone suggests using Wrench Jr. to covertly plant an EMP inside of a Tidis repair facility. Wrench vehemently opposes this at first, arguing with T-Bone to a point that almost compromises his friendship with Marcus. In the end, however, Wrench reluctantly agrees only after T-Bone explains that it's the most practical method of planting the EMP (and after increasingly ridiculous suggestions by Wrench himself). The last that is seen of Wrench Jr. is a mission in which Marcus remotely pilots the robot through the facility to detonate the EMP.

Watch Dogs: Legion

Following the events of Watch Dogs 2, Wrench eventually salvages what is left of Wrench Jr. and takes the robot with him to London. In the Bloodline DLC, Wrench Jr. can be found in Wrench's safehouse at Brixton Barrier Block. Its unknown if Wrench Jr. is still operational at this point in time, considering how badly damaged it was during its time in Off the Hook, or if this is a new version of the robot dubbed Wrench III.


  • It's noteworthy that security robots are used in real life, and Wrench Jr.'s model of robot is comparable to real-world security droids such as the Knightscope K5 and the AnBot.
  • Strangely, despite him being destroyed during the Tidis break-in, Wrench Jr. still appears as a mission giver for the DLC operation Off the Hook, though badly damaged.
  • During the events of Bloodline, Wrench Jr. is stored in Wrench's London safehouse.