Not to be confused with Wrench from Watch Dogs 2.

The Wrench is Raymond "T-Bone" Kenney's primary melee weapon that appears in Watch Dogs: Bad Blood. This weapon is the alternative of Aiden Pearce's baton.


The wrench is T-Bone's melee weapon of choice, the secondary other being his taser. It is shown as a large fixed-length wrench that Kenny holds on the front of his backpack through a series of buckles. Kenney uses the wrench to disarm and injure individuals. It can also be used in stealthy takedowns to silently knock out one's target. He can also use it in combination with his Taser: using the wrench to grab the enemy from behind (by their throat) and then jamming the Taser into their chest.


Umeni Building Bad Blood

T-Bone's Wrench, as seen in his backpack.

  • The Enforcer Combat Takedown skill is already unlocked for Ray, possibly because his wrench is heavier and hits harder than Aiden's baton.


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