Slot Primary
Weapon Type Full-Auto Assault Rifle
Weapon Rating Star Star Star Star Star Shaded
Damage Medium
Fire Rate Very High
Range High
Stability Medium
Reload Speed Medium
Ammo Capacity 30|360
Price Free (Missing Persons reward)
Appears in Watch Dogs
This assault rifle has the highest rate of fire on the market, delivering rapid, albeit weak, discharges.
―In-game description

The Wildfire is an assault rifle that appears in Watch Dogs. It is a variation of the 416, albeit with a much higher rate of fire and camouflage.


The Wildfire is clearly based on military-grade assault rifles, specifically the Barrett M468. The in-game model features aftermarket box magazines, holding 30 rounds (as opposed to 28 in the standard magazine). However, as a variant of the 416 in-game, it can be assumed that it is a heavily-modified 416.


The Wildfire employs 6.8mm SPC cartridges. The Wildfire offers a high rate of fire, which can be sustained for a good amount of time due to its 30-round magazines, which compensates for the relatively low damage offered by each individual round. It also has relatively low recoil despite the high fire rate.


  • 416 (Standard)
  • Wildfire (Green camo)




  • On display in DB&R Weaponsmiths, an example of the Wildfire can be seen with a vertical foregrip and suppressor fitted, suggesting that a spec-ops variant of the Wildfire exists (similar to how the 1911 has a spec-ops variant).
  • The Wildfire was originally called the M-468. However the final ingame variant is clearly an HK 416, specifically the 416A5 (based on the slanted magazine well).


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