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The Brubeck Wildebeest in a vehicle in Watch Dogs 2.


The Wildebeest is a 2-door SUT heavily based on the Jeep Wrangler, seen in the overall design and fenders, with some cues from the Suzuki Jimny. The headlights, front box and grille take heavy resemblance to early models of the Land Rover Defender, and the horizontal grille takes inspiration from the Vietnam War-era Jeep MUTT military trucks. The tail lights are rather generic and differ from the Jeep Wrangler, having only two circular lights per side (a red light and a reverse light). The pickup may spawn with or without a rear canvas, and always features diagonal roll bars on the rear bed.

The Wildebeest features a clutch pedal, making it manual.


Having a short wheelbase and light weight, the vehicle has nippy and agile handling, making it suitable for off-roading. The vehicle also sports an all wheel drive system, also making it good for hill climbing, traction and control. The Wildebeest's exposed, compact design means it is rather vulnerable to damage however, and its light weight makes it very impractical for the purposes of ramming and protection.



  • The Wildebeest is available in the Total Motors car dealership, for $17,000.
  • Commonly spawns on the Golden Gate Bridge, particularly towards the northern end.



  • The vehicle is named after the animal of the same name, also called gnus or wildebai, which are a genus of antelopes.


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