Weapons Trade is a series of investigations in Watch Dogs.


This investigation involves tracking down 10 supply crates located throughout the map. Unlocking CTOS towers will cause these crates to appear on the map, represented by a circle with a target crosshair in the center. As each crate is located behind a locked door, cameras must be used to find the unlock option nearby. When inside, there will be a case with lootable weapons (unless said weapon are already possessed or at maximum capacity) and, in most but not all locations, an audio log. Scanning the case will progress the investigation. Scanning 9 of the 10 cases unlocks the Spec Ops Goblin, a silenced variant of the Goblin burst assault rifle.

For the tenth crate, Tobias (provided he has been met beforehand) will give directions to a warehouse filled with Fixers for a final confrontation. Upon killing all of the reinforcements, a second set consisting mostly of Enforcers also arrives. 

Undercover Audio Logs

Audio Log #1

"I've left the package for you where we discussed. This is just a sample. Try them out -- get a good feel. We'll call back in a few weeks and see if you want to make a deal."

Audio Log #2

"They picked up the drop. We're already seeing six of the weapons have been fired multiple times. We'll run those against recent crime scenes and see how many match."

Audio Log #3

"I understand we're going for convictions here, but why aren't we tracking the weapons for crime prevention? I don't like playing clean-up crew."

Audio Log #4

"A pickup got lifted before the target could claim it. I can't wait to find out where this leads. Let's hope for a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, or at least a major bust."

Audio Log #5

"One of our guns was used to shoot a seven year old. Sure, if it wasn't one of ours, it would have been another gun. I get that, but that doesn't make me feel any less responsible. I guess at least we now have a solid lead on who did it."

Audio Log #6

"Obviously, we won't be able to use any tracking information in court, our tactics have to remain a secret for now. I don't even think there's a precedent for this kind of thing. But it does tell us exactly what happened and points us at the right target."

Audio Log #7

"I'm worried about where our guns ended up. I mean, the CPD is using the CtOS itself to track the chips in these things -- with Blume's help, no less. What happens if these "fixers" expose what they found. Shit... what if they fuck with the data? We got some solid busts, but we need to abandon this operation."

Video gameplay

Watch Dogs Walkthrough - Part 148 - Weapons Trade Special Mission Unlocked U100

Watch Dogs Walkthrough - Part 148 - Weapons Trade Special Mission Unlocked U100

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