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The Watch Dogs Wiki now has an unofficial Discord server. While the server does not pertain to Watch Dogs or the Wiki specifically, anything can be discussed there, including Watch Dogs and the wiki. There are a number of Watch Dogs players and wiki editors already present on the server, and any hints, tips, tricks and questions regarding the game can be discussed there, as well as anything else you want.

Chris6d, the admin/bureaucrat of this wiki, is also the owner of the server, so if you have any questions for him regarding the wiki, or just want to chat with him in general, you can join the server and do it there.

How to Join

The server can be joined by clicking the invite above, or here. It can also be accessed by (on desktop version) going to the home page of the wiki and clicking "Connect" in the Discord window. As well, on the right-hand side of any article (or while looking at Wiki Activity), there is a Discord window, and by clicking Connect, you can join.

If these options still do not work for you, you have two options:

  1. You can leave your username and Discord tag (the four numbers) on the talk page of this page, and Chris6d will send you a friend request on Discord. Accept it, and he will DM you the invite, and you can join; OR:
  2. Send Chris6d a friend request on Discord at Chris6d#9792. Then leave a message on his message wall on this wiki, telling him that you sent him a friend request on Discord because you want to join the server, and leave your username and tag. Chris6d will then accept the friend request on Discord, and send you the server invite. Chris6d will not accept the friend request if the message is not left on his wall.



It is hopeful that you join the server, as it already has over 150 members, and is always looking to grow! Any Watch Dogs Wiki knowledge you have, you're always welcome to join and contribute. On the server, anyone and everyone can get along, have fun, play games, browse dank memes, and discuss anything they wish. There's even a weekly lottery held on the server, so everyone has a chance to win big. The only rule on the server is to follow the rules posted in the #rules channel, so what are you waiting for? Join today!

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