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The Watch Dogs Wiki now has an OFFICIAL Discord server! The server, dedicated to both the Wiki and Watch Dogs itself, offers a plethora of features, including a Hackerspace channel where you can chat, along with discussion channels for each game, channels for hints, tips & tricks, wiki channels, a channel for Watch Dogs memes and art, and even an Arcade with an Upgrade Shop, where you can buy items using Botnets and get server and wiki perks! JOIN TODAY!

Server Features


Of course, like every server, there are rules you MUST read as soon as you join the server! They are in #rules. However, this page explains some of the server features and perks in more detail, so read on.


As mentioned, the server has channels dedicated to all Watch Dogs games. The section Game Discussion (channels #chicago, #san_francisco, #london) are for discussing the games themselves, including favorite characters, missions, and other things! The Hints, Tips & Tricks section is self-explanatory: there are channels dedicated to each game, where you can ask for help if you're stuck on something, or offer help, or any tips and tricks you may come across!

The various server channels.

The Watch Dogs Wiki section of the server is exclusively for discussing the wiki, including ideas and improvements for the wiki, tasks that need to get done on the wiki, as well as an exclusive Staff channel (if you are a wiki staff member). If someone vandalizes the wiki, the fastest and easiest way to notify a Staff Member is actually not by leaving a message on their wall, but by notifying them in the server, in the Wiki channels!

Please do not generally discuss the game in the Hints, Tips & Tricks section, as those are for hints, tips and tricks only. Also, do not offer hints, tips and tricks in the Game Discussion channels. Keep everything in the right channel.


When you first join the server, you become a part of DedSec, and are given the DedSec Member role. This is the standard rank, which has access to numerous features and channels. However, if you want to become a part of The Resistance, which is the upper rank, you must do BOTH of the following:

  • Being a member of the Watch Dogs Wiki. This means you have been on the wiki for at least a month, and have made edits recently. You must verify your Wikia account with us first.
  • Joining the Fear League Squad (FLSQ) Discord server, and being active there. The invite is here, so join!

As a member of The Resistance, you get special server perks, including access to exclusive text and voice channels, ability to add reactions, video streaming in voice channels, and a bi-weekly payment of 1,000 Botnets.

Arcade & Botnets

A primary feature of the server is the Arcade! In the Arcade, you can play games such as Blackjack, Roulette, Slot Machines, and Russian Roulette, to earn Botnets! Botnets are the primary currency of the server, and you can use Botnets to buy Hacks in the Upgrade Shop! To do this, go to the Upgrade Shop channel and type !store (and !store 2 for Page 2). If you have enough Botnets, you can !buy the item, and then !use it! Each item gives you different server and wiki perks!

Please only play games in the Arcade channel, and buy items in the Upgrade Shop channel. Not the other way around.


There is also a weekly Lottery in the server, which will be held by Chris6d. The way it works is, a random user who is active in the server and online at the time will be chosen to win an amount of Botnets, that they can use to buy Hacks in the Upgrade Shop! If you win, the prize will automatically be added to your account!

Server staff

Chris6d, the admin/bureaucrat of this wiki (and therefore the top admin of the server) is there, so if you have any questions for him regarding the wiki, or just want to chat with him in general, you can join the server and do it there. Also, if you have questions for the other wiki staff, you can join the server, they're there, too.

How to Join

The server can be joined by clicking the invite above, or here. It can also be accessed by (on desktop version) going to the home page of the wiki and clicking "Connect" in the Discord window. As well, on the right-hand side of any article (or while looking at Wiki Activity), there is a Discord window, and by clicking Connect, you can join.



It is hopeful that you join the server, as it is brand new and looking to grow! Any Watch Dogs Wiki knowledge you have, you're always welcome to join and contribute. On the server, anyone and everyone can get along, have fun, play games, and discuss anything they wish. There's even a weekly lottery held on the server, as mentioned, so everyone has a chance to win big. The only rule on the server is to follow the rules posted in the #rules channel, so what are you waiting for? Join today!