Viceroys veteran

A Black Viceroys veteran

Veterans are enemies that appear in Watch Dogs .


Veterans are similar in appearance to the Gunmen. They wear urban clothing if they are criminals or matching uniforms if they work for Blume or the Chicago Police Department. It is possible to find Veterans in every group in the game. 

On the Profiler, Veterans are indicated by two red downward chevrons (as seen on the picture).


Veterans have more experience than Gunmen, but no armor. They do, however, have better firepower (such as SMGs, shotguns and sometimes assault rifles). Aiden can be quickly killed by a Veteran if he does not take cover.

Due to their lack of armor, Veterans are easy to kill. High-rated automatic weapons such as the ACR make short work of them, as do explosives and environmental hacks. 


Veterans start to appear in the first act. They then become regular enemies to encounter, sometimes replacing Gunmen.

Police Veterans are dispatched when the player has a heat level of 2.

Some street criminals are indicated as veterans, though this makes no difference with street gunmen as they rarely fight the player and are more likely to run when they commit a crime.


  • If a Veteran uses a sniper rifle, he'll be indicated as a Marksman, just like Elites.
  • Veteran ranks do not make a return in Watch Dogs 2. Instead they are replaced by Armored Gunman with similar purposes.
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