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A common American economy car. 
―Description in Watch Dogs.

The Global Motors Vessel is a four-door sedan that appears in Watch Dogs and Watch Dogs 2.


The car's design appears to be inspired by the North American styling of the 1995 Lincoln Continental, with the front end of a second generation Mercury Grand Marquis, including elements from the 1991-1994 Ford Crown Victoria, particularly in the style of the taillights and the aerodynamics of its front fascia. The side profile of the vehicle is akin to that of the 1998-2011 Ford Crown Victoria. The car can be best summed up as a fusion of the Ford Crown Victoria in performance and usage, with the styling of the 1995 Lincoln Continental.


Watch Dogs

The Vessel has a good acceleration and acceptable top speed, thanks to its V8 engine. It is good with low-heat police chases, but because its low durability, the Vessel IS not good for car-to-car combat and higher heat levels. The Police version is a bit tougher thanks to a beefed up suspension package and front push bumper, though it still is a bit fragile and is inconvenient to obtain.

Watch Dogs 2

Like the first Watch Dogs, the Vessel has solid acceleration and top speed. Its durability seems to have improved- the player can engage in car-to-car combat, with the Vessel wrecking pursuing vehicles such as Cruisers with a few good knocks. It can keep pace with other standard vehicles too, and is a much better all-rounder than in the previous installment. The Chicago PD variant, only seen in the Cyberdriver mission, performs similarly, with the added ability of traffic clearance thanks to its lights and siren.


Watch Dogs
General Aspects
Top Speed Acceleration Durability Handling
Star.png Star half.png Star Shaded.png Star Shaded.png Star Shaded.png Star.png Star.png Star.png Star.png Star Shaded.png Star.png Star half.png Star Shaded.png Star Shaded.png Star Shaded.png Star.png Star.png Star half.png Star Shaded.png Star Shaded.png
Technical Aspects
Acceleration Engine Drivetrain Gears
N/A Single-cam V8 (In-game name) Front-engine, rear wheel drive 7


  • Taxi Vessel: There is a taxi variant of the Vessel that appears to be the cheapest taxi in the company. In Watch Dogs, it spawns either in a yellow or white color and in Watch Dogs 2, in a red/white, yellow/white or green/white color. Both are operated by Rapid Cab.
  • Viceroy Vessel: The Black Viceroys own modified Vessels with white, blue, and orange paint jobs, orange interiors, customized rims, and symbols on their front and rear. It only appears in Watch Dogs.
  • Police Vessel: The Chicago Police Department use the Vessel along with the Police Cavale and the Police Sonarus LX. It is distinguished by its rear-facing sirens located inside the vehicle, which are visible when the sirens are turned on. The police version of this vehicle is no different from its budget version, as it can be disabled easily with little or no effort; just try to avoid getting boxed in. This version remains unchanged in Watch Dogs 2, but this one only appears in a mission.
  • Damaged versions can be only found in the Alone Digital Trip, in Watch Dogs.


Public service


Law enforcement

Far Cry Variants



Watch Dogs- How to get Vessel Viceroy


Watch Dogs

  • The civilian variant is available in the Car On Demand app, for free.
  • Poorly maintained examples can be seen driven around in The Wards, whereas well maintained examples are commonly found in Pawnee.
  • Taxi variants can be found also in The Wards.
  • The Black Viceroys uses the Viceroy Vessel along with their modified Polars. Therefore, they can only be found during certain missions, fixer contracts and in a crime detection radius when the Viceroys call reinforcements.
  • The Police Variant is usually encountered in the earlier stages of police chases in CTOS Mobile App, and it is also the cheapest police unit to deploy in the App for Watch Dogs multiplayer. It's never found in normal police chases.
  • It can be found parked at The Wards Police Station.

Watch Dogs 2

  • The civilian version is available in the Total Motors car dealership, for $4,000.
  • Civilian versions spawn around Oakland, usually in poor condition. This version also spawns in good condition in the Marin County area.
  • Taxi variants spawn around the Bay. most notably in Oakland and Silicon Valley.
  • The police variant only appears once, on the CyberDriver movie set. It can be obtained multiple times over with mission replay. However, this is time-consuming, as the player must do the mission to completion in order to obtain the vehicle.


  • The car resembles the ASYM Desanne, an unusable vehicle in Ubisoft's Driver: San Francisco, while the taxi variant slightly resembles the Torrex from Ubisoft's Driver: Parallel Lines.
  • Strangely enough, the Vessel features steel wheels by default. This may have been because the vehicle was originally intended to be released specifically as a fleet vehicle, and the vehicles seen under private ownership are decommissioned police cruisers and taxi cabs. The color of the wheels have been changed from black to light grey, and has a shinier center cap in the final version.
  • The word "Vessel" is often used for naval vehicles, which is related to the word "cruiser", a term commonly used in police cars (police cruiser). This fact is reinforced by the existence of the police variant.
  • Oddly enough, while the real-life Chicago Police Department frequently uses the Ford Crown Victoria (which is evidently the Vessel's main inspiration), it is never been found patrolling around through the gameplay.
  • The same goes for the San Francisco and Oakland Police Departments in Watch Dogs 2- Both agencies maintain numerous examples of the vehicle in real life. However, no SFPD/OPD variants of the Vessel exist.
  • It is one of few vehicles in Watch Dogs and Watch Dogs 2 that is equipped with steel wheels by default.
  • The Vessel also appears as a driveable vehicle in Ubisoft's Far Cry 5, where it is rebadged as the Kimberlite Darrala. It is identified as a 2008 model. It retains the original design, while also having a similar beater appearance like the civilian Vessel in the Watch Dogs series, but with a few exceptions of being having a pushbar from the police variant and a rear spoiler as standard options. A special version of the Darrala with an unique paintjob can be unlocked through the game's storyline, it is known as the Bump N' Grind.
    • The car also appears in the narrative sequel of Far Cry 5 and spin-off, Far Cry New Dawn, where it is now known as the Reinforced Sedan. Compared to the Vessel and Darrala, the Reinforced Sedan features a more apocalyptic appearance, it is always painted in matte grey with white graphics on the bottom part of the vehicle, featuring a yellow rollcage surrounding most of its exterior, reinforced bars on the front and rear windshield, blue tires, and a roof rack with roof lights.


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