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Not to be confused with the Vespid 5.2, Vespid LE, or Vespid HMI.

The Brubeck Vespid Lowrider is a vehicle in Watch Dogs 2.


The vehicle is the lowrider variant of the Vespid HMI, which, as expected for a vehicle of this type, has fully interactive hydraulics and thin wheels. The Vespid Lowrider does not have a horn; rather, the horn is replaced by the hydraulics function. The player can press the horn button to trigger the hydraulics, up or down.


Because of the lowrider modifications, the Vespid Lowrider has a slightly lower suspension than the base model. The hydraulics are more of an aesthetic feature rather than a performance-oriented modification, since using the front and rear hydraulics to raise the car affects the way it sorts bumpy roads and curbs. Turning the car with the hydraulic system used on both the front and the rear wheels would make the car lose its balance pretty easily and the wheels will lose contact to the ground, losing its grip as well.


  • Peste Negra: Unique convertible variant of the Vespid Lowrider, included in the Root Access Bundle (part of the season pass content).
  • The Tezcas use Vespid Lowriders with a unique blue color.
  • A single convertible variant can be found parked on a varying street in Prescott. This is the only place on the map where a convertible lowrider can be found.


  • The vehicle will be parked on certain places, usually away from the main roads or even under some highway overpasses.
  • Available in the Auto Elite car dealership, for $180,000.



  • The Vespid Lowrider is the only vehicle in the Watch Dogs series to have a special feature that is not the horn or sirens, and is the only vehicle to feature an interactive hydraulic suspension system.
  • Whenever the car is used or not, it seems to have their front wheels raised up.
  • As mentioned, normally the Vespid Lowrider does not have a horn. However, when another player is a passenger in the vehicle, and is pressing the horn button, the vehicle appears to change the hydraulics, and also makes a short horn sound. This may be a glitch, due to the fact that the player that is driving does not hear this.


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