This is a list of vehicles that appear in Watch Dogs 2. For a list of vehicles that appear in the first Watch Dogs, see Vehicles in Watch Dogs.

The following is a list of vehicles that can be controlled in Watch Dogs 2. Note that the categories (excluding the "Others" category) are named as such in the Car On Demand app, or the two dealerships: Total Motors and Auto Elite.

Vehicles list

Heavy Motorcycle Muscle Off-road
Performance Sports Standard Boats
Police Others

Imagery Table

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Land Vehicles

336-TT.jpeg Amargosa Turbo.jpeg Baumsteiger.png Boxberg R1.jpeg
Fiammetta-WD2-front.png Papavero.jpeg Scafati GT.jpeg The Dangerzone.jpg
Carrozza.jpeg Kirschenbaum.jpeg Rotor.jpeg Sculptor 2.5R.jpeg
Sunrim.jpeg Zusume R.jpeg Ice cube side view.jpeg
3.9T.jpeg 571.jpeg AdamantS-Series-WD2-front.png El Cadejo.png
Haikal R.jpeg Sonarus LX.jpeg Vespid 5.2.jpeg Vespid Lowrider.jpg
Vespid HMI.jpeg The Wrecker.jpg DedSec car.jpg
Asteria Prime.jpg Bogen 200.png Bogen Bus.png Cavale.jpeg
Crosscountry Series.jpeg Kigan AWD.jpeg Landrock Van 1500.jpeg Landrock Van 2500.jpeg
Menschen.png Merengue.png Nudle car.jpg Philandra.jpeg
Relegater.jpg Sumitzu Auto 1.6.jpeg Talos.jpeg Valiance CE.png
Vessel.jpeg Woodie.jpeg Flip wagon.jpg
Batta.png TBT-7000.png Tributary 1500.jpeg Tributary 3500.jpeg
Wildbeest roof.png Mountain king.jpg
Bertha.jpg City bus.png Coach bus.png Convoy.png
CubeTruck-WD2-front.png Danger Mobile.jpg Dump truck.jpg Middleweight DC.jpg
WD2 Flatbed Gabay.jpg MRAP-WD2-front2.png Media truck.png]
Chopper.jpeg Chopper Cruiser.png Molto bene!.png Kodachi.jpeg
Kuruhawa Motorsport 450.jpeg Sayonara.jpeg Rainbow Missile.jpg
Coast-Guard-Front-Quarter.jpg CavaleSFPD-WD2-front.png PoliceTalos-WD2-front.png MRAP-WD2-front2.png
Police Interceptor (Sonarus LX).jpeg
CableCar-WD2-ingame.png Forklift.jpg RC Jumpah.png Climbax ScissorLift.jpg

Maritime vehicles

Fishin' Boat.png Leviathan-WD2-ingame.png Speedin' Boat.png Water Taxi.png

Aeronautical Vehicles

Police Helicopter.jpeg Drone.png
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