The Vector .45ACP is a submachine gun with an innovative design that reduces recoiling. This device has extreme stopping power at short ranges.
―In-game description

The Vector .45ACP is a submachine gun that appears in Watch Dogs.


The SMG is a relatively recent design and appears to be based on that of the KRISS Vector (more specifically, the Vector SMG). Inside the main body of the gun, there is a lightweight folding stock, which aids the user with their aim. The in-game model appears to only feature the front flip-up iron sight (as opposed to the two on the KRISS Vector SMG). The submachine gun features lightweight construction and a relatively short magazine. The name indicates that the gun employs the .45 ACP cartridge.


The cartridges used in conjunction with the gun's rate of fire and magazine size make the Vector .45 ACP one of the best all-round guns available. The Vector offers low recoil, allowing for sustained full-auto firing accuracy. The use of .45 ACP rounds does however mean that the Vector is less effective against armoured enemies. While the accuracy is very high, the rate of fire does often mean that the Vector will fire two rounds with a single press of a player's controller.




  • It is one of 12 5-star weapons in available in Watch Dogs.


  • Unlike the other Alone Digital Trip weapons, the Vector .45ACP is the only one that would be lost forever (considering that the other weapons have at least an alternative spawn rather than the store). Players should take caution in this trip, unless all the weapons (AK-47, Goblin, M1014 and the aforementioned Vector .45ACP) are purchased or obtained beforehand (tested on PS3).


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