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Valiance CE
Valiance CE
Manufacturer Sumitzu Auto
Vehicle Type Civilian car (Civilian)
Public Transport (Taxi)
Category Standard Vehicle
Body Style 4-door hatchback
Capacity 4 (Driver and three passengers)
Price $15,000
Appears in Watch Dogs 2

The Sumitzu Auto Valiance CE is a vehicle in Watch Dogs 2.


The design of the car is invariably reminiscent of the third generation Toyota Prius, with headlights similar to those of a Chevrolet Volt, the tailights that are similar to the aforementioned Toyota Prius, but with a wide third brake light.


Because of its general size and purpose, the Valiance CE is not very fast but performs decently, owing to its front wheel drive system, the single-speed gearbox and large bodywork. Its resistance to collisions is acceptable, but not for higher Heat Levels.

Despite it has an all-electric sound, the Valiance CE has exhausts pipes on it, which could indicate that the vehicle is hybrid. Its engine sound is the same as many electric vehicles, such the Asteria Prime and the Merengue.


  • There are taxi versions of the Valiance CE operated by Rapid Cab, which will have either a red/white, yellow/white green/white colors, with TV advertising on the roof.



  • The civilian variant is available in the Total Motors dealership, for $15,000.
  • Both civilian and taxi versions can be seen at any place of the map, although the taxi variants are quite common in urban areas like San Francisco or Silicon Valley.


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