Story Mission
Game Watch Dogs
Part of story Act 2, Mission 9
Unlocked by completing Not A Job For Tyrone
Unlocks Breadcrumbs
This is what I have for you. It's a sticky bomb. See? It sticks.
Jordi Chin

Uninvited is the 23rd storyline mission in Watch Dogs, and the 9th mission of Act II.

Mission plot

Aiden calls Jordi in order to procure some explosive IEDs and arranges to meet him along with Iraq's hitmen sent to kill Bedbug. Aiden then meets Jordi and 'his boys', two corpses Jordi wishes to dispose of, and, after testing the explosives, 'the girls,' on Jordi's ice cream truck, heads to the Sienna Brick Factory to prepare the ambush.

Once reaching the factory, Aiden uses the still functioning surveilance system to coordinate his attack. Using both the explosives and his own equipment, Aiden proceeds to kill all of the hitmen as well as their reinforcements. Unfortunately, a panicked Viceroy who was late to the party attempts an escape to inform Iraq. After Aiden finishes tying up loose ends, he then joins Bedbug's position in The Loop, where he sends him an ominous phone call. After revealing the blackmail via the Face Fountain, Aiden informs Bedbug by phone that he is "gonna be [Aiden's] eyes and ears inside Rossi-Fremont". Bedbug tells him that the only way to approach Iraq is Quinn's auction, as Iraq will be there. Leaving Bedbug to his new role as an informant, Aiden then calls Clara who tells him that it'll be the perfect opportunity to scan Iraq's key and gain access to the server room. Clara then sends the guest list's whereabouts to Aiden.

Mission objectives

  • Destroy the truck with IEDs.
  • Reach the Sienna Brick Factory.
  • Find security footage to plan your attack.
  • Prepare an ambush against the Viceroy hitmen.
  • Viceroys incoming. Find a good vantage point.
  • Eliminate all of Iraq's crew.
  • Hack the phone to intercept the call.
  • Take down the fleeing Viceroy.
  • Reach Bedbug's location.
  • Follow Bedbug undetected.
  • Call Bedbug.
  • Hack the terminal to display Bedbug's blackmail.


  • The song that plays during the ambush is "C.R.E.A.M." by Wu-Tang Clan.
    • It is unlocked in the media player after completion of the mission.

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