The U100 is a Singaporean light machine gun (LMG) that appears in Watch Dogs and Watch Dogs 2.


The LMG's design bears strong resemblance to that of the Ultimax 100 Mark 5, which explains the name (U100). The model uses a relatively small 75-round drum magazines as its feed system, compared to 100-round magazines in real life. The LMG has a top carrying handle to assist users with transport and changing of the barrel. The in-game model lacks the top and handguard picatinny rails, along with the butt-stock.


The gun is capable of a high rate of fully-automatic fire. A very good sustained fire duration is provided due to the LMG's employment of the 75-round magazines. The high rate of fire, sustained fire duration, and damage per round contribute to the Ultimax being arguably one of, if not the, strongest gun(s) available. The U100, however, suffers from high recoil, and using burst fire is recommended when using this weapon.

It can deal great amounts of damage against NPCs and headshots are unnecessary considering the damage done. Accuracy is average for the weapon, due to its size, large amounts of recoil occur, yet this doesn't affect the control of the weapon too much. Overall, the weapon can be considered a heavily damaging weapon.

This weapon is useful against Enforcers due to its 75-round magazine and high rate of fire.


It is among the rare weapons that cannot be bought anywhere. The only way to obtain it is to pick it up from dead Enforcers, that commonly use it along with the ATSG-12 (as it's the Enforcers' weapon of choice) in mission-scripted appearances (such in A Risky Bid, and even before in the culmination of Weapons Trade chain).

In Watch Dogs 2, it is often carried by Enforcers, and can be built at the 3D Printer for $74,900.


  • It is one of 12 5-star weapons in Watch Dogs.
  • This is the same model used in Far Cry 3, another Ubisoft game.
  • It shares ammo with the assault rifles, which is correct, as it uses the 5.56mm cartridge used by most of the assault rifles in the game (the 416, Goblin, and ACR).


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