Transformer 6d

A transformer vault. A blackout can be triggered by hacking it or destroying it. This could be by driving into it or shooting it with a gun powerful enough.

Not to be confused with the skill that hacks these objects, Transformers.

Transformer Vaults are objects able to be hacked in Watch Dogs, once the Transformers skill is purchased. Aiden Pearce is able to overload the vault and cause it to explode, creating a temporary blackout around the surrounding area. This ability can be used either to create a distraction or to kill enemies nearby.


  • The vaults have CTOS written on them, which means that they make the transformers and supply power to the city.
  • Strangely, in multiplayer, hacking it will blow it up, but not cause a blackout. A blackout can be caused by shooting it or driving into it. This is most likely a bug.
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