• Now Watch Dogs 2 features 2¬†exambles of Driverless cars (Nudle Cars in a Driver SF and the Cyru X) but they are still in the minority. If/when watch dogs 3 comes out (expected to be this year as AC is taking a break) will Driverless cars be the majority in the city. I suspect yes for several reasons

    1. While the life score thing was exposed, Blume and Nudle will likely figure out a way to get passed that little, hiccup publicly and convince the world that their cars are a good thing. They'll have put too much money in to not use it.

    2. CtOS 2.0 allows us to control any car remotely to an extent. Foward, Backward and steering are all possible. Adding sensors and connecting to an overreaching system, frankly the vehicular hacking options and way CtOS is already connected to cars is hardly a million miles from autonomous cars.

    3. Assassin's Creed Origins and Odessey allow us to set a waypoint and have our horses autonavigate to the location, so honestly the idea that it couldn't be implimented into the slightly ahead of modern setting of the Watch Dogs games seems more ludicrous than it not being put in.

    With this put into place we would then have to ask, how would manual control work? Seemingly the obvious awnser is that we simply override the autonavigation system like with the Cyru X however I suspect something else. If all cars autonavigate in WD3 then someone driving manually would be more conspicuous, possibly even attracting the police's attention. I suspect that manual control would likely actually be hacking into the navigational controls and driving through the laptop, also allowing remote acess, like the RC vehicles in Bad Blood and WD2. And frankly we hack in both games to open and shut doors, operate things like lifts, cranes etc, why should cars be different.

    So what do we think? Will CtOS drive everyone's cars in WD3, and if so will we drive manually or by hackng the car? I guess the only way to find out is wait for Watch Dogs 3 to be announced (hopefully at E3)

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