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    20:43, November 18, 2016

    Sorry for all the highlighted threads lately, there's just a lot of important things lately (like this post) and just know that whenever something's highlighted, you should check it out, as it is VERY important for this wiki.

    Watch Dogs 2 was released today and with this comes a slew of new contributors, pages, edits, and activities, and this kind of activity hasn't been seen on this wiki before. Long story short, Knakveey, a Wikia staff member, and some other users, have proposed that I become bureaucrat on this wiki. I know I am busy, but I will still be fully active on this wiki, just like always, and will make an amazing bureaucrat.

    However, now, with this new position, I will be able to do some things I wasn't able to before, like hiring new patrollers and rollbacks (after a community vote) to monitor this wiki for vandalism and bad-faith edits, something that I can't really do alone anymore. If all goes well, and most of you agree, Knakveey will promote me and make this wiki a better place. So, leave your thoughts below on whether or not I should become the next bureaucrat of this fine wiki (and don't just say no because you don't "like" me or whatever, think about all the hard work I've done on this wiki, for the better of the wiki.)

    Keep in mind how active I've been on this wiki, how much I've done, all my edits, and even the fact that I maintain this wiki through my real-life job, which is good. As bureaucrat, I will do a number of great things for this wiki, and will be glad to serve you, anytime. This wiki can't survive on just two admins (one semi-active) anymore. We need some additional help, and as bureaucrat, I can bring that help. So please, decide and be nice. Thank you.

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