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My people dug this out of your chest. If it was one inch in any other direction, we wouldn't be talking. 
―Thomas Rempart

Thomas Rempart is the main antagonist of the Watch Dogs: Legion DLC Bloodline.


Before Bloodline

Thomas Rempart is the son of Louis-Edmond Rempart, the Chairman of the automation empire, Rempart Automated Defense Systems SA, of which Thomas is the CEO of. Rempart Automated Defense Systems serves as the Conglomerate's private security arms. He worked with Reginald Blechman to build combat robots with the intention of putting human minds in them in the long-term. Rempart betrayed Reggie by firing him which made him adopt his old persona, the Wrench, to seek vengeance.

Due to Rempart's risky and fraudulent dealing, his father attempted to convince him to step down from RADS and become the CEO of a lesser company which he refused. Rempart told his father that he would step down if he could not make RADS increasingly successful. He would attempt to do so by stealing the BrocaBridge from his rival transhumanist company, Broca Tech. Louis-Edmond has ulterior motives and hired the Fixer, Jordi Chin to steal the BrocaBridge first. Jordi passed this job over to his best man, Aiden Pearce, since he would be able to meet his estranged nephew, Jackson Pearce.

Events of Bloodline

Rempart's history of risky deals has caught up with him and will soon be arrested if he cannot get the BrocaBridge, which was stolen by Wrench. Rempart hires Aiden to steal it under the threat of killing him and Jackson. Aiden eventually does get it and brings it to Rempart. Shockingly, this BrocaBridge is revealed to be an explosive fake created by Wrench in an attempt to kill Rempart by giving it to Aiden to turn in. Rempart survives the blast but is left with the right side of his face heavily scarred.

Rempart mistakenly believes Aiden was in on this and vows to kill him, Jackson, and Wrench. With authorities soon to arrest him, Rempart plans to flee from London in his personal barge. After boarding the ship, Wrench finds him in the cargo hold piloting an experimental robot designed to function without the BrocaBridge but nevertheless defeats him in spite of his soldiers and robots. Wrench refuses to kill Rempart for what he has done but knocks him out cold and turns him into Albion after he threatens to kill Wrench's old friends Marcus Holloway, Sitara Dhawan, and Josh Sauchak. Nigel Cass personally arrests Rempart, who is exposed of his vast fraudulent crimes. The amount of charges ensure that Rempart will be imprisoned for a very long time.


Thomas Rempart is sociopathic if not psychopathic who will kill, blackmail, or sue anyone who get in his way whether they are young, old, rich, or poor. Rempart is ambitious and uncompromising in his goal to make humanity immortal. His mental health begins to deteriorate after the botched assassination attempt to the point where he murdered a Blume employee who questioned his methods.


Thomas Rempart is a Caucasian man with brown hair who wears a blue suit. After his scarring, he has a large burn across the right side of his face which he covers with a plate.


Silence was a better strategy than lying there, Mister Pearce. 
I just don't think I can trust you without some kind of... insurance. Perhaps you nephew, Jackson? Hm? He lives in London, doesn't he? Yeah look I... I want to believe you, I really do. But I just can't. Not yet. Look, I'll return once my little helper here has made you a bit more trustworthy. Hm? 
―Rempart to Aiden
You said it yourself, I am very rich, and my family is richer. Even if you kill me, you would ruin your nephew's life. You're already responsible for the death of his sister. Could you really hurt him like that again? 
―Rempart mocks Aiden
After Chicago, they said you went global for a few years. I found a few links between you and the murder of some warlords, blood diamond traders, dictators... A dozen rumors of the same. And that brings us more-or-less to the present day. But what does any of this have to do with you walking in here and simply trusting me to honour our deal? 
―Rempart about Aiden
Stupid. I guess this means we're at an impasse, Aiden. 
―Rempart when Aiden refuses to leave
You know, there is a world of difference between you and me. I was born to rule people like you... and you think you can RUIN MY FACE? So you want chaos, huh? Great! Because of you, I realized I wasn't thinking big picture enough. Y'know, keep the BrocaBridge. Go fuck yourself with it! Because someone like me can do better than a cheap trinket. Someone like me gets to eat up LITTLE SHITS LIKE YOU!! 
―Rempart to Wrench
You should have been flattered that your work was worth stealing. But just like your ex, I moved on to better! 
―Rempart confronting Wrench
You won't think it's funny when I return the favor. When the tissue necrotizes in your face it feels like a knife stabbing into you, hot, cold, hot, cold. But you'll feel it a thousand times worse, because I don't believe in an eye for an eye. I believe in an eye for the whole fucking face! 


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