The Rat's Lair
The Rat's Lair -=
Story Mission
Game Watch Dogs
Part of story Act 4, Mission 3
Unlocked by completing In Plain Sight
Unlocks The Defalt Condition

The Rat's Lair is the 39th storyline mission in Watch Dogs, and the third mission of Act IV.


After Aiden's meeting with Damien, Aiden gets a call from T-Bone saying he found something in Defalt's lair. Aiden gets there, but it's a coffee shop and so Aiden has to find an access point into Defalt's network. After he hacks in, he finds T-Bone having a great time because Defalt owns prototype and antique technology, and T-Bone really likes those. Aiden tells him to get out of there as Fixers burst into the room. T-Bone sneaks out and regroups with Aiden. After he gets outside, he reveals two things:

  • That Defalt doesn't have the data on his computer, but instead he literally has it on him
  • T-Bone also says that Defalt has been messing around with CTOS, and that he has access to the full network.
    • As a result, Defalt will try to stop Aiden by blowing up steam pipes, and raising bridges.
    • These hacks can be seen on the mini-map and on-screen (look for the red diamond symbol)

Mission objectives

  • Use the Profiler to find an access point.
  • Connect to T-Bone.
  • Lead T-Bone to safety.
  • Kill all the fixers or escape.


  • The Rat's Lair was originally a longer mission that started out with Aiden stealth driving to avoid the police as seen in the E3 2013 gameplay demo. It is unknown why this part of the mission was cut.
  • Although Defalt has CTOS access, he can't trigger CTOS Scans like Damien can.

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