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The Merlaut Hotel is a hotel that appears in Watch Dogs.


The Merlaut is located in the Mad Mile district of Chicago. The building features a fairly simple exterior design; being mostly linear and gray in color. The building has three floors and is intended as a short-medium stay venue. Over the course of development, it was eventually renamed the Merlaut Hotel in the final version. Dermot "Lucky" Quinn is the owner of the hotel. It is also the setting for the game's prologue and sets the entire story's events in motion.


Aiden shows up at the hotel in the beginning cutscene to perform a heist with his partner Damien Brenks (now disbanded), before getting caught. In the last mission of Act IV, Aiden infiltrates the hotel to kill Lucky Quinn which he succeeds by hacking into his pacemaker.

Beta location

Curiously, the Merlaut changed locations from earlier builds to the final one. It was previously located on the pair of roundabouts near the WKZ TV building, but was moved to its present location and replaced by a similar building housing the Gorman Heights apartments.


  • Hacking civilians around the Merlaut allows Aiden to gain money quickly, which shows that very wealthy people stay at the hotel.
  • The hotel sign reads Merlot, but it is always transcribed as Merlaut, and even reads Merlaut on Aiden's phone in the intro sequence.
  • The Merlaut hotel in Watch Dogs is based on the Marriott Hotel in Chicago.
  • The Merlaut's location conflicts with the location of the Jardine Water Purification Plant, despite the plant making unlicensed appearances in Ubisoft, games Splinter Cell Blacklist and The Crew. The events of Watch Dogs take place in between these games, making the Merlaut's location illogical, if these three games all share references and take place in the same shared universe. This may, however, simply be a developer oversight.
  • Due to the Chicago South Club's lack of an official headquarters (Viceroys have Rossi-Fremont, Pawnee Militia have the trailer park), one could easily assume that the Merlaut works as their headquarters.