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They are not a "resistance"...what are they resisting? 
Richard Malik

The Malik Dossier is a mission in Watch Dogs: Legion. It is the penultimate mission in the SIRS chapter.


In the aftermath of the Canada House bombings, DedSec is framed for the attack, this time by SIRS whistle blower Richard Malik. At a team meeting in the Safehouse, a news report shows footage of a DedSec operative fleeing the area, and the new SIRS director of counter terrorism, Malik, brands DedSec as an international terrorist militia. Bagley comes up with a plan to prove Malik was behind the bombings: break into the SIRS headquarters and steal the paper trail, AKA The Malik Dossier, from the bombings.

During the break-in, Malik hacks his way into the DedSec comms channel and asks DedSec to join him, which they refuse. The DedSec operative attempts to connect Bagley to FILAMENT, but he is locked out, so the operative initiates a power cycle to let him in whilst defending the FILAMENT processors from microwave drones. In the dossier, Bagley discovers documents for 40 kilos of Semtex, delivered to the house opposite his parents’ residence, and instructions for SIRS agents to plant bombs in Canada House as part of their ‘training’, all of which could be used to expose Malik.

Once Bagley has been connected to FILAMENT, he tracks Malik’s location, and, knowing he has been compromised, Malik tries to escape by car. However, inside the car, Bagley locks him inside while the car autodrives itself to a secure location. The dossier is sent to every media outlet to try and clear DedSec’s name for the Canada House bombing.


  • Attend the Team Briefing
  • Infiltrate SIRS HQ
  • Use the Lift to Access FILAMENT
  • Connect Bagley to FILAMENT
  • Destroy Microwave Drones
  • Reboot FILAMENT Servers
  • Defend the FILAMENT Download
  • Connect Bagley to FILAMENT



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