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The Loop on a rainy day.

The Loop is one of six districts in Chicago in Watch Dogs. The neighborhood is named after the L-Train that makes a loop in this area. Its neighbor is Mad Mile.


The Loop is the district for downtown Chicago. Many skyscrapers can be found here. The Chicago River flows through here and can be seen with many boats driving on it. The L-Train is a common sight around here, and Aiden can use it to swiftly get around the area. Watch Dogs' rendition of Chicago also features the famous L-Train Loop in the district. Many high-end cars such as Sonarus LXsSunrimsCavales, Kigen AWDs, Lithium SPsKöln 500S, and even Scafati GTs can be found in The Loop with ease. Public Service vehicles such as Cavale Taxi Cabs and Minivan Cab can also commonly be found here. Trucks will spawn here as well, but they are not as common as they are in Brandon Docks


  • City Hall
  • Downtown
  • Financial Circle
  • Soto Point
  • Riverside
  • South Side Campus
  • Beckham Plaza
  • Theatre Square
  • Century Parkway
  • West Island

Places of Interest


CTOS Control Center

A sign seen when entering The Loop.

The CTOS Control Center is located in the middle of the district, in a construction site. It's revealed by Clara (under the identity BadBoy17) that hacker group DedSec unsuccessfully attacked that center and as a result Blume added more armed guards. Aiden must hack in it in order to identify the man who ordered a prank call on Aiden's sister.

CTOS Towers

  • Theatre Square Tower
  • South Side Campus Tower
  • Riverside Tower

City Hotspots

There are a total of 37 City Hotspots located in The Loop.

Hotspot Name Location
Ambrose Theatre The Loop
Termont House Hotel The Loop
35 East Wacker Drive The Loop
Abraham Lincoln Statue The Loop
City Hall The Loop
Haymarket Square Riot The Loop
Lombardo Murder The Loop
Desplaines Street Police Station The Loop
St. Jude Police League The Loop
Carding Center The Loop
Cree Theater The Loop
Vault Tower The Loop
Chicago Commerce Building The Loop
Miller's Rail Bar The Loop
Randolph Street Subway Terminal The Loop
Chicago Arts & Sciences Center The Loop
Forever Sculpture The Loop
Bram Steffan Pavilion The Loop
Face Fountain The Loop
Secret Six The Loop
Saffard Memorial Fountain The Loop
South Tech University The Loop
Lexington Hotel The Loop
Palin Correctional Center The Loop
Seventh Federal Bank The Loop
WKZ-TV Center The Loop
Raven Building The Loop
Willis Tower The Loop
Bootlegging Factory The Loop
Ocean Tower The Loop
Chicago Eastland Disaster The Loop
Aon Center The Loop
The Fort Dearborn Massacre The Loop
Bloody Maxwell Police Station The Loop
Meadowmoore Dairies The Loop
City Marina The Loop
Windy City Lighthouse The Loop

Cash Runs

There are a total of 11 Cash Runs located in The Loop.

Name Gold Timing Silver Timing Bronze Timing Location
Bridging the Gap 1:09:00 1:26:00 1:44:00
Going Underground 1:20:00 1:40:00 2:00:00
Back-Alley Rally 1:17:00 1:36:00 1:56:00
Get Your Feet Wet 1:30:00 1:53:00 2:15:00
Dizzy Heights 1:59:00 2:29:00 2:59:00
Loop-in-the-Loop 1:40:00 2:05:00 2:30:00
The Beaten Track 1:11:00 1:29:00 1:47:00
Venting Commotion 1:30:00 1:53:00 2:15:00
Step On It 1:58:00 2:28:00 2:57:00
Cannonball Rush 1:20:00 1:40:00 2:00:00
Terrace to Race 1:17:00 1:36:00 1:56:00


  • The Loop is the only district that has a completely real-life counterpart. The other districts are merely based on a mix of real-life neighborhoods in Chicago.