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The Gates Houseboats have been here since the 1950s, providing places for bohemians and hippies to live off grid. Local residents and law enforcement aren't so fond of the boats.
―In-game description.

The Gates Boathouses is a world location in Watch Dogs 2.


The Gates Boathouses is in southeast of Marin County. It is to the left of Sausalito and right of Richmond San Rafael Bridge. It can be accessed either by road or by boat.


The Gates Boathouses are a small group of houseboats on the south coast of Marin County. There is a secure compound to the north section of the map.


  • 1 Torque Rat Bike Shop.


  • 1 Paint Job, located amongst the houseboats along the waterfront.
  • 1 Money Bag, located by the carpark next to the houseboats.
  • 1 Research Point, located in the restricted area on the north side of the freeway.
  • 1 Key Data, used to research the Massive System Crash.