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This page may include spoilers about the Watch Dogs: Legion plot that you may not have discovered yet. Read at your own risk.

The Face of the Enemy is a mission in Watch Dogs: Legion. It is the penultimate main mission of the game, as well as the penultimate mission on the second DedSec chapter, "London Rising".


DedSec’s party was interrupted by Zero Day, and DedSec go out of their way to find the source of the signal. By tailing a van to trace the source, Bagley finds that it came from Stockwell War Bunker in Lambeth, which could possibly be the Zero Day headquarters.

At the bunker, there is a lift which can only be used by unlocking a security system. Screens surrounding the lift turn white creating a certain code, which must be repeated by the operative by hacking the screens. If the code is inputted incorrectly, three Combat Spiderbots drop down from the ceiling, and only after destroying them can the process be repeated. After inputting the correct code and accessing the lift, they arrive at a heavily guarded underground base, protected by turrets and gas mines. By making their way past the traps, the operative arrives in a room filled with servers and other tech, including a hologram of the infamous Zero Day leader. However, Bagley is unable to tell the operative more about the room, so they search the hideout for individual data points.

They find that Zero Day is behind Mary Kelley’s microchips, a backdoor to FILAMENT, Bagley’s source code, and that they reverse engineered Project THEMIS. It is clear that the plans stolen by DedSec have been stolen by Zero Day and used for their own purpose. The operative also finds a tablet, and after downloading data from it, it shows a video of a former DedSec operative being taken to Nigel Cass and being accused of planting the bomb in Parliament. Feed on a screen shows the London bombings, and Cass states that he now has power in London, shortly before the operative is shot in the head by Cass. The operative searches for more information in the Zero Day hideout.

They come across a computer which shows a video of Sabine Brandt talking with Nigel Cass. The video reveals that Sabine is the true leader of Zero Day, and the voice behind the hologram. Sabine says that she wants access to FILAMENT, but their deal has been cancelled as DedSec managed to defuse the bomb in Parliament. Cass attempts to kill Sabine, but she manages to escape.

Bagley manages to find the source of Drool_Brittania, a Zero Day program designed to steal the tech gathered by DedSec. Whilst they investigate the console it runs on, Sabine appears from behind the operative, and states what Drool_Brittania truly is: a plan by Zero Day to destroy society and restart from scratch. She also states that she is the only member of Zero Day, as she knew no one else would join her. As Sabine leaves, Albion troops flood into the room, leaving the operative to fight to escape the bunker after Bagley has unlocked the blast doors. After leaving the bunker, the other DedSec operatives reveal that they are also being attacked by Albion, so Bagley sets up a secure meeting point for the operatives.


  • Locate Zero Day's Signal
  • Trace Zero Day's Signal
  • Get to Safety
  • Search for Zero Day at Stockwell War Bunker
  • Disable the Security System
  • Hack the Screen to Input the Code
  • Access the Lift
  • Infiltrate the Bunker
  • Search Zero Day's Hideout
  • Investigate Drool Britannia
  • Survive until the Doors Unlock
  • Escape the Bunker
  • Survive the Albion Ambush

Data Drive


A text file, found in the Zero Day hideout. Although technically not entirely relevant to the mission, it is the player's only chance in the game to obtain this file.

USB.png Text

We are NOT lolzy digital specters - we are true change, incarnate.

We are not ghosts, ineffectual digital specters lurking online. We are not gaming in endless circles, drooling from the mouth, content with falsehoods. We are not mischievous pranksters devoid of analytical thought, causing mayhem for the sake of mayhem.
Our eyes are everywhere, and we see the truth.
Our ears are everywhere and we hear all that is said.
Our somatosensory system feels pain, both within and without. Internal pain and the external pain of the world.

The World = Unfair. Imbalanced. Insensitive. Hardened to the point of rigidity. Stale. Confused. Archaic. Gridlocked.
Societal imbalance, discord, the class struggle is as old as time. The upstairs-downstairs, the bourgeois and proletarian, the free and the enslaved, the patrician and plebeian, king and peasant. Humankind has aimed to oppress, repress and exploit each other. It's all for nothing. It's all for greed, a mental illness, a cancer that must be burnt out of humanity.
The world is a tangled knot of muscle, in pain and crippled but unable to release.

We are agents of change. We are not ineffectual. We can bring release, and we will not stop our work until that has been done. We are flesh and blood. We are active and reactive. If we see the need for change, we will act.

Nothing is objectively right or wrong. For thousands of years, morality has shifted according to the needs and desires of each society. It has been manipulated over the centuries for the benefit of CEOs, dictators, kings, warlords, presidents, prime ministers, generals - anyone in a position of power with something to gain.
However, if the state of society becomes unbearable for the masses, it must change for the greater good at any cost. Since morality is subjective, the validity of the method implemented to spur on change is also subjective. Different situations call for different measures, which are entirely at the discretion of the agent taking action for change while considering the benefit to society.

Those that do nothing but follow are only aiding oppressors and society's downfall. Those that actually do nothing are just as harmful as they are also aiding the oppressors. Sheep that follow or do nothing are the same.
In a climate desperate for change, the agents of change must put the sheep to their best use, if they will not act. The sheep may be sheered, so their wool can be used to keep the agents of change warm. the sheep may be slaughtered, so their meat can be used to sustain agents of change.
Those that join DedSec are not and will never be sheep.
Those that join DedSec pledge to be agents of change.
Those that join DedSec are people of worth.



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