The Defalt Condition
Defalt BAD!
Story Mission
Game Watch Dogs
Part of story Act 4, Mission 4
Target JB "Defalt" Markowicz
Unlocked by completing The Rat's Lair
Unlocks Little Sister

"The Defalt Condition" is the 40th storyline mission in Watch Dogs, and the 4th mission of Act IV.


After T-Bone calls Aiden to say that he found Defalt's "Loveshack", Aiden goes to the Ambrose Theatre to find Defalt. After some hacking, Aiden finds Defalt up in a balcony. Defalt detects Aiden and starts to escape but Aiden either kills him, or downloads his data and let him escape. Either way, Aiden takes the harddrive and escapes as the mission ends.

Mission objectives

  • Enter the Ambrose Theatre discreetly.
  • Profile guests to get to Defalt.
  • Hack Defalt's server.
  • Chase Defalt.
  • Fight your way across the rooftop.
  • Chase Defalt and keep him in range.
  • Download the data.
  • Take down Defalt.

Strategy tips

  • It is possible to take down Defalt without having to leave the vicinity of the Ambrose Theatre. After evading/killing the fixers, immediately head for Defalt's fleeing car. If correctly performed, a 'Neutralize' indicator will appear as Aiden reaches his vehicle. This will raise the blockers and since Defalt will not leave the vehicle until all data is retrieved, Aiden can just stand next to Defalt's vehicle. However, killing Defalt before the data reaches 100% will result in mission failure.


  • The car which "Defalt" uses has a unique plate: D3F-4L7.
  • When scanning NPCs with the Profiler while in Dot ConneXion, their ctOS profiles will be altered with taunting messages. However, certain NPCs will have profiles will include a message saying "FOLLOW ME". is an IP adress referred to as "localhost", or "home". The message could be "Follow me home".
  • Defalt's car, the RoseWood, is the only unique NPC car in the game. It is unlocked in the Car on Demand app after completing the mission.

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