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A Baumsteiger with an exclusive paint job.

The Dangerzone sacrifices durability to boost specs. Go easy on her.
―In-game description.

The Targ Motors Dangerzone (technically The Dangerzone in-game) is a special vehicle in Watch Dogs 2.


The Dangerzone is essentially a Baumsteiger with a custom paint job, which features a camouflage gray with red stripes on the front and sides.


The Dangerzone appears to perform slightly better than the Baumsteiger, having excellent top speed, acceleration and traction. The vehicle has exceptional handling. As a result of this, Dangerzone is very, very fragile and it takes a small amount of damage (like falls or getting rammed) to disable the vehicle. It is recommended to steer clear of firefights and car chases while driving The Dangerzone.



The Dangerzone is located inside a garage of the SVNR Building, near the Nudle Headquarters. On the side of the building, there is a small grate that has enough room for an RC Jumper. The player must head to the ventilation system until they can find the grate, where a garage can be accessed. Then, the player has to hack the vehicle inside and break the wooden crate to reveal a red hackable terminal that must be hacked to unlock the garage door. Once the task is done, the player has to find the entrance to the underground parking lot and find the garage door. There are actually two garage doors, where the right one is where the hackable terminal was placed, and the left one where the Dangerzone is parked.

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