Watch Dogs The Bunker

Aiden, Clara, and T-Bone in the Bunker.

The Bunker was an old Blume-owned CTOS test site used during the early stages of its development. It has the ability to profile Chicago undetected and serves as Aiden's second base of operations (hideout) in Watch Dogs.


After Aiden blows up his room at the Owl Motel, Clara leads him to one of the bridges leading to Abott Island, the island which the Bunker is located on. Aiden views security camera footage and finds that Tobias Frewer has the ability to control the bridges and been collecting spare parts from the island (and most likely uses them to craft items at his shop). Aiden tracks down Frewer, and eventually convinces him to hand over the remote. By the events of the Watch Dogs: Bad Blood DLC, Blume's PR Director Charlotte Gardner and Blume have taken over the Bunker as a result of their search for Aiden.

Bad Blood DLC

Sometime after Aiden's revenge, the Bunker was once again abandoned as Aiden and T-Bone prepared to leave Chicago. However, during the Fox Hunt missions, a freelance hacker named Cr0w, following Clara's trail, discovered the Bunker and as well as Aiden's use of it. Cr0w, disillusioned with the fight against Blume and looking out for herself, sold this knowledge to Charlotte Gardner for $100,000.

Raymond "T-Bone" Kenney, investigating this lead, later hacks into the Bunker from the outside and discovers that Blume had indeed reclaimed it, with Charlotte and several Blume guards inside. T-Bone takes the opportunity to plant a bug in Charlotte's phone remotely, then left while covering his tracks. After finishing the Fox Hunt missions, T-Bone contacts Aiden and warns him to avoid the Bunker, as Blume was now watching it.


The Bunker is a big room including a set of computers, A big screen showing the network, A bedroom with a closet, A power area that includes a couple of the Bunker's servers, and a power switch for the lights.



  • Even though the power was cut to the island, the security cameras are still operational prior to Aiden restoring power.
  • Audio logs, from the Blume engineers, can be found through islands of the Bunker.
  • There is a boat garage near the Bunker's entrance.
  • Audio logs left by Clara in the Bad Blood DLC reveal that she collaborated with Defalt to help her find the Bunker, which explains how he found it so easily.
  • There is a camera box near the bridge.
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