Pearce using phone tapping to monitor a call

Telephone Tapping is a passive ability in Watch Dogs and Watch Dogs 2.


This ability is available on the player's Profiler, meaning it does not use any Batteries. The ability allows the player to eavesdrop on others people's conversations and gain some intel for their current mission, or just to be nosy. This ability requires locking onto a target and hacking into them, if they're on the phone or texting, and the player can now listen to the call or read the texts. This can also be done outside of missions, on random civilians. The ability also allows Aiden or Marcus to locate fixer contracts, gang hideouts, or potential crimes. They can also just listen to conversations if they wish to be nosy.


  • In the E3 Gameplay Video, Aiden Pearce is shown listening to a phone conversation between Mary Blass and Joseph Demarco in order to determine the location of Demarco and how to intercept him. However, this scene does not appear in the final game.