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Swelter Skelter as seen in the mission Looking Glass.

Swelter Skelter is a special location in Watch Dogs 2.


Swelter Skelter is the only location in Watch Dogs 2 that cannot be accessed through the map, and only through a mission. It is located in the middle of a desert northeast of Oakland. The player can only unleash a few hacks here, and Nudle Maps is unavailable while at the Swelter Skelter, so the player cannot see the location of Swelter Skelter.


The desert can be seen as a gathering and party place for all types of people. The area has a very circular outlay with a sculpted Angler Fish in the middle. Many art pieces can be seen around the park, Sitara can be seen making her own. Trailers and tents can also be found. Many of the people partying can be seen wearing full latex suits, motorcycle helmets and masks. Wrench can be seen in a BDSM-like suit. Electronic music can be heard throughout the park, along with a DJ Marcus can hack to change, with the help of Horatio. The gang also meets T-Bone here.


  • Swelter Skelter is a reference to the annual Burning Man festival held in the Black Rock Desert, which is about 90 miles northeast of Reno, Nevada and about 260 miles northeast of Oakland.
  • The name "Swelter Skelter" is likely a reference to the term "helter skelter," meaning disorder or confusion. The term is also the name of a Beatles song.
  • Lenni can be found here, and if interacted with, she will agree that the Swelter Skelter is neutral ground.
  • This location only appears in the mission Looking Glass.
  • Swelter Skelter cannot be viewed on Nudle Maps. However, in the official PrimaGames Watch Dogs 2 E-Guide, the location is revealed to be northeast of Oakland.
  • The hat that Marcus Holloway wears at Swelter Skelter has a stylized "11011" design on the front, which is binary for "27". This could allude to the release date of the first Watch Dogs, which was May 27, 2014. *Interestingly, the binary code “11011” also translates to ESC, or “Escape”, in ASCII.