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Not to be confused with the more traditional Cable Car.

Streetcars, known in-game as Road Trains, are vehicles in Watch Dogs 2. They are manufactured by Global Motors.


The Streetcars (also known as Trolleys or Trams) are unusable vehicles that can only be spotted around San Francisco, and are electrically-powered (given the pantographs on the roof) and run on railroad tracks. Contrary to Cable Cars, Streetcars cannot be ridden, nor are seen transporting any passenger, much like the buses. However, they will act much like any vehicle on the streets, moving and stopping when necessary. Placing a car in front of the Streetcar also makes it stop. Hitting a Streetcar with enough force will cause it to become derailed from the line, like the regular tram.


There are two different streetcars in the game, classic streetcars and the more modern streetcars. They can be seen mingling together sometimes on the same track on rare occasions. Both are shown to have tinted windows although it is possible to look inside of either type. They can be seen either alone or in pairs and travel very slowly compared to the other road vehicles.

Classic streetcars depicted are based on the PCC streetcars, specifically the F Market & Wharves street cars. Notable aspects are the angled cabin, light arrangements and signs that reads the area they are operating. They can be seen in different colors and shown with LCD screens on the sides. It also has a sign that reads "SAN FRANCISCO". They can be seen on various places of San Francisco, such, for example, the E Embarcadero line that crosses under Bay Bridge. One color in particular shares the same coloration as the modern streetcar and in fact this is the same coloration that MUNI uses in real life.

Modern streetcars on the other hand are apparently based on the Muni Metro Light Rail Vehicle, with a design that is reminiscent of the USSLRV, but are always seen as single cars instead of double cars, along with a few tweaks to match the game' setting (considering that the real-life inspiration was retired in 2002 in favour of more modern LRVs). While the classic streetcars can be seen in different colors, the modern streetcar can be only seen in a white color with red stripes on it, along with signs on the front, sides and rear that reads "SAN FRANCISCO". These streetcars appears in certain locations, but the most known ones are near Mission Dolores Park.

Classic Streetcar Colors

In total, there are 11 paintjobs in the game as seen on the classic streetcar.


  • The real-life Streetcars of San Francisco follow their own transit priority signals, but those are absent in the game, along with pedestrian signals.