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Steam Pipes are hackable objects in the Watch Dogs series.


The player can hack and explode steam pipes in the streets in Watch Dogs and Watch Dogs 2. The result of the explosion includes a large cracked hole in the middle of the road, as well as clouds of steam rising from the affected area. This ability is incredibly powerful in stopping pursuers such as criminals or police, as it can total a vehicle in one shot if used at the correct time, a feat easily executed using the flashing "Neutralize" indicators.


  • Optimal for taking down pursuing Fixer vehicles. Activate with the "Neutralize" indicators, or by looking back while using Focus to blow pursuers into mid-air.
  • Alternatives include hacking road blockers and even the simple traffic light hack to disrupt traffic at junctions.
  • The action is less useful if pursuers have a chopper in the chase.



  • Police and Fixers will sometimes refer to what they see as "the street [blowing] up".


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