Stare Into the Abyss
Stare Into the Abyss
Story Mission
Game Watch Dogs
Part of story Act 2, Mission 11
Target Nicholas Crispin
Unlocked by completing Mad Mile CTOS Center
Unlocks A Risky Bid
They list his preferences, this guy is sick, and filthy rich.
―Clara Lille to Aiden

Stare into the Abyss is the 26th storyline mission in Watch Dogs, and the 11th mission of Act II.


After tracking Nicholas Crispin, Aiden finds that he is in a car dealership building, the H. Riggio Prestige Motors in central Mad Mile. Aiden hacks the building's security router and gains access to the cameras inside. Crispin is looking for a car to buy, and eventually decides the Luciano. He tells the dealer to have it ready when he comes back. After this, Aiden assassinates Crispin and escapes from the car dealer. Then Aiden goes to the Infinite 92 fetish club and takes the invitation from the special room. Then he gets out and the mission ends.

Mission objectives

  • Hack the CTOS box to find Crispin.
  • Eliminate Crispin.
  • Hack Crispin's phone to obtain data.
  • Kill all of Crispin's backup or escape.
  • Go to the private lounge, Infinite 92.
  • Follow the host.
  • Leave Infinite 92.

Strategy tips

Crispin is actually quite close to the door, so a single blackout will do it. You don't actually need to kill him, non-lethal take-down will do it. When the guards see you, Crispin will instantly get to his car and try to escape from you. You can place a couple IEDs on the road, where he will pass by and then alert the guards by pointing a gun at them. Then Crispin will break the glass and rush outside. Activate the IEDs and it's success.

The objective can also be cleared easily if the Destroyer has been unlocked. From the same wall where you hack into the building run to the windows closest to the room Crispin is in. From there you can simply shoot through the window and the wall thanks to the Destroyer’s penetrating power. You should be close enough to immediately hack Crispin's phone, you should then use jam coms to prevent his men calling reinforcements, and jump into one of the nearby cars for an easy getaway. The entire process can be made safer and simpler through the use of focus.


  • If you hack the explosive of the guard before you hack in to the ctOS box, you will fail the mission because of disturbing the talk between the dealer and Crispin.
  • If you enter dealers back room, there is a valuable jewelry that player can sell at a pawn shop.
  • The employees Aiden interacts with at Infinite 92 all have unique profiles:
    • The bouncer who greets Aiden at the door: Jules Martinsen, Training in Krav Maga, Age: 34, Occupation: Bouncer
    • The woman at the counter: Shana Keeley, Has buried three siblings, Age: 24, Occupation: Hostess
    • The host Aiden follows: Sol Bertling, In combined hormone therapy program, Age: 29, Occupation: Host

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