St. Joseph Cemetery

St. Joseph Cemetery is one of the City Hotspot locations found in Parker Square and is a landmark within Chicago in Watch Dogs.


Among the tombstones of honest, hardworking men and women, there is one grave site in the cemetery that is particularly notable. Dug into the cemetery's mountain, bearing a sculpture of his likeness, is the grand tomb of Finnegan Jones, Chicago's most popular Lincoln impersonator. Upon his death, Jones received a state funeral attended by over 1000 adoring fans.

Events of Watch Dogs

Aiden Pearce reminisced about a previous meeting in the cemetery with his sister Nicole, talking about her daughter Lena's death, who is buried at that cemetery. Later that same month, Aiden's ally Clara Lille was shot to death by the Chicago South Club while visiting Lena's grave.


The following badges are available at this hotspot:

Badge Icon Badge Name Badge Message How to Obtain Mission
Cemetery Waltz
Cemetery Waltz When the clock strikes midnight...I'm too scared to finish this sentence! Check into the St. Joseph Cemetery at midnight (game time).
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