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The Spy is a Skilled Operative Class in Watch Dogs: Legion.


The Spy is a master of stealth infiltration, able to kill their targets efficiently and escape in the grandest way possible, and all while looking absolutely smashing in formal wear.


A Spy typically comes equipped with the following Traits:

  • Silenced P-9 - A silent, semi-auto pistol with short reload time
  • Spy Watch - Jams the weapons of all nearby enemies
  • Spy Car - A Fairlight equipped with missiles and an actionable AR Cloak, turning it invisible
  • Physically Fit - takes less damage


While uncommon, Spies can often be found in locations around the city, including parking lots or curbside. They are often seen standing next to a Fairlight. They can also be distinguished by passerby occasionally taking pictures of the Spy's car.



  • Given that the game takes place in London, and the Spy wields a watch and car with hidden gadgets as well as a silenced handgun, they are most likely a reference to the famous spy character James Bond.