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Spike strips, known in-game as Spikes, are objects in Watch Dogs. When driven over, they cause any land vehicle's tires to deflate. This effect can be virtually cancelled using the Precision Driver skill. 


Hackable Type

Spikes, when hacked, activate and protrude out of the ground, causing vehicles that drive over them to have tire blowouts. Each use costs 1 battery unit.

These are usually found at the entrances to large parking lots, making them not that useful in high-speed chases, but quite nifty when being chased by the police in Decoy-type Fixer Contracts.

They have yellow and black bars over them that lower when the spikes are activated, and raise when the spikes are retracted. Like those in front of bridges, these are easily breakable.

Roadblock Type

This second type is deployed by the police during chases. These can be deployed on any road, and are referred to as roadblocks. These roadblocks consist of 1-2 spike strips and 1-2 Patrol SUVs. They appear as wide rectangles on the minimap. These are not retractable, and are always in the dead center of the road.

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