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Using SongSneak in Watch Dogs

SongSneak is a smartphone app in Watch Dogs and Watch Dogs 2.


Players use their protagonists' smartphones to steal music from the phones of other pedestrians. The more songs you take, the more music you can listen to while playing. When starting the SongSneak App, it detects nearby music in your environment and automatically adds it to your Media App playlist. The Media App then gives you expanded information:

  • Musician Bios - Past history and biographies of the band selected.
  • Edit Playlist - Check or uncheck songs you've acquired through Song Sneak when playing music as you go.

You can hear music in the following ways:

  • Stand anywhere near a speaker inside any business, such as a coffee shop.
  • Be in a vehicle with the radio playing (assuming the Autoplay option is on in your Options menu).
  • Hack random citizens' phones and listen to tracks.
  • Complete a specific mission during the main mission (but you are automatically given the music track, and Song Sneak isn't necessary to be turned on).
  • Be within 25 meters of the song, and open Song Sneak to snag it and add it to your collection.

Try all the ways of collecting songs, as certain songs appear only during one of these methods.

List of songs[]

Watch Dogs[]

Artist Song Album Genre Length Year
2 Chainz (Feat. Pharrell) Feds Watchin' B.O.A.T.S. II: Me Time Hip Hop 4:00 2013
Alice Cooper Dangerous Tonight Hey Stoopid Rock 4:42 1991
Alkaline Trio Private Eye From Here to Infirmary Punk Rock 3:30 2001
Bryan Doherty Band Cluj Napoca Rigamarole Jazz 9:30 2008
Califone Funeral Singers All My Friends Are Funeral Singers Folk 4:10 2009
Champion Tech Raydar Hey Champ Electronica 5:21 2014
CharlieRED GreenGREED Muse. Blues 2:56 2013
Chicago Wake Up Sunshine Chicago Pop 2:29 1970
Chuck Inglish (Feat. Ab-Soul & Mac Miller) Came Thru/Easily Convertibles Hip Hop 4:33 2014
Cobra Starship (Feat. Leighton Meester) Good Girls Go Bad Hot Mess Pop 3:16 2009
Curtis Mayfield Move On Up Curtis Soul 8:53 1971
Daft Punk Derezzed (The Glitch Mob Remix) Tron: Legacy Reconfigured House 4:22 2011
Danko Jones Never Again Danko Jones Punk Rock 2:18 1998
Danny Chaimson & The 11th Hour Cold Night In Chicago Young Blood, Old Soul Soul 4:29 2009
Digitalism Miami Showdown I Love You, Dude Electronica 3:25 2011
Dr. Manhattan Big Chomper, Big Chomper Dr. Manhattan Punk Rock 3:15 2008
Drew Gress Bright Idea 7 Black Butterflies Jazz 8:50 2005
EchoDroides Satellite Satellite Electronica 3:53 2014
Elmore James and His Broomdusters Blues Before Sunrise Elmore James Blues 2:41 1955
Flatfoot 56 Winter in Chicago Toil Rock 3:09 2012
Gemini Club Sparklers Here We Sit Electronica 3:03 2012
Gods Of Fashion Acrobot Gods Of Fashion Electronica 3:39 2014
Gost Chasm Skull Electronica 3:38 2013
Gost Cursed Skull Electronica 3:33 2013
Henhouse Prowlers Simplify A Dark Rumor Folk 3:36 2009
Howlin' Wolf Howlin' For My Darlin' Howlin' Wolf Blues 2:30 1959
Iggy & The Stooges Gimme Danger (Remix) Raw Power Rock 3:33 2014
Jamie Lono My My My The Feel Good Nation Folk 3:34 2013
JC Brooks & The Uptown Sound Awake Want More Soul 3:17 2011
JDP Where The Sidewalk Ends In Pursuit: Side A Hip Hop 4:05 2014
Johnny Fiasco Conduction (Santiago & Bushido Remix) Conduction House 7:04 2008
Julia Klee Talk Big Charade Soul


Kid Cudi Day'N'Nite Man on the Moon: The End of Day Hip Hop 3:40 2008
Kidz In The Hall Break It Down Occasion Hip Hop 3:09 2011
Kidz In The Hall (Feat. The Kid Daytona) Out To Lunch Land of Make Believe Hip Hop 3:38 2010
Lazerhawk Redline Redline Electronica 4:05 2010
Lil' Ed and the Blues Imperials Kick Me To The Curb Jump Start Blues 3:02 2012
Lil' Ed and the Blues Imperials You Burnt Me Jump Start Blues 3:45 2012
Longshot Day By Day Everything Hip Hop 3:10 2007
Madina Lake Going Down High World War III Electronica 2:42 2011
Matt Ulery Scott Free Music Box Ballerina Jazz 4:47 2007
MGK Invincible Lace Up Hip Hop 3:00 2012
Mickey Dance Rock 'N Roll Dreamer Rock 1:57 2011
Mike Golden & Friends No Number Groceries Soul 3:48 2011
Ministry Jesus Built My Hot Rod Psalm 69 Metal 5:00 1991
muGz (Feat. SRH) Blvck and White Blvck and White Hip Hop 4:54 2014
Naked Raygun Soldier's Requiem Jettison Punk Rock 4:09 1988
Nas One Mic Stillmatic Hip Hop 4:21 2002
ON AN ON Panic Give In Rock 3:58 2013
Paul Cary Yes Machine Ghost Of A Man Blues 2:47 2009
Pet Lions When I Grow Old Houses Rock 3:01 2011
Public Enemy I Shall Not Be Moved Most of My Heroes Still Don't Appear on No Stamp Hip Hop 5:03 2012
Rise Against Help Is On The Way Endgame Punk Rock 3:56 2011
Screeching Weasel My Brain Hurts My Brain Hurts Punk Rock 3:06 1991
Smashing Pumpkins My Love Is Winter Oceania Rock 3:31 2012
Spitalfield Stolen From Some Great Writer Remember Right Now Punk Rock 4:02 2003
Squarepusher Dark Steering Ufabulum Electronica 6:48 2012
Summer Girlfriends Lost Boys Shockwaves Rock 3:26 2012
The Audition Ms. Crumby Great Danger Punk Rock 2:16 2010
The Cool Kids (Feat. Bun B) Gas Station When Fish Ride Bicycles Hip Hop 4:29 2011
The Lawrence Arms Devil's Takin' Names Oh! Calcutta! Punk Rock 1:59 2006
The Record Low The Bottom Here To Stay Rock 5:40 2007
The Right Now He Used To Be Gets Over You Soul 3:19 2012
The Vindictives Alarm Clocks Curious Oddities and the Bare Essentials Punk Rock 3:39 2003
The Vindictives Invisible Man The Many Moods of The Vindictives Punk Rock 2:28 1995
Tortoise High Class Slim Came Floatin' In Beacons of Ancestorship Electronica 8:12 2009
Treologic Old Lock It Down Treologic Hip Hop 4:41 2008
Vampire Weekend Diane Young Modern Vampires of the City Rock 2:19 2013
Vanattica Confidential Liar The King Or Me Rock 3:39 2011
Victorian Halls So Ambitious (GDM Remix) Charlatan Rock 3:03 2014
Weezer The Good Life Pinkerton Rock 4:15 1996
Wu-Tang Clan C.R.E.A.M. Enter the Wu-Tang (36 Chambers) Hip Hop 4:12


Watch Dogs 2[]

Artist Song Album Plays in Length Year
!!! All U Writers As If DedSec Pirate Radio 4:53 2015
10cc Dreadlock Holiday Bloody Tourists Las Ondas De La Ria 4:31 1978
American Steel Rogue's March Rogue's March Rock The Bridge 2:12 1999
Anthony B Police Street Knowledge Las Ondas De La Ria 3:19 2003
Anti-Flag Kill the Rich Die for the Government Rock The Bridge 3:05 1996
Antonio Vivaldi Concerto No. 2 (Summer) Presto Vivaldi - The Four Seasons Centuries Classical 2:53 1725
Aphex Twin CIRKLON3 Cheetah DedSec Pirate Radio 8:13 2016
Azealia Banks Miss Amor Broke with Expensive Taste DedSec Pirate Radio 4:28 2014
Bibio (ft. Olivier St. Louis) Why So Serious? A Mineral Love Bay City Pop 4:46 2016
Bob Marley and the Wailers Lively Up Yourself Natty Dread Las Ondas De La Ria 5:11 1974
C-Kan La Calle Sabe De Mi Nombre Clasificación C, Vol. 1 Radio Bay Nation 3:42 2014
C-Kan Un Par De Balas Clasificación C, Vol. 1 Radio Bay Nation 3:48 2014
Cannonhead This Place Is Built Faint and Uncertain Though They Were Radio Bay Nation 5:02 2016
Casey Veggies Sauna None Radio Bay Nation 1:59 2012
Creedence Clearwater Revival Fortunate Son Willy and the Poor Boys Rock The Bridge 2:21 1969
Chivirico Davila Cuando Tu Quieras Chivirico Las Ondas De La Ria 3:57 1972
Clark Winter Linn Clark DedSec Pirate Radio 3:08 2014
Claude Debussy Passepied Suite bergamasque Centuries Classical 3:48 1905
Crystal Castles (vs. HEALTH) Crimewave Crystal Castles Bay City Pop 4:18 2007
Culture Club Miss Me Blind Colour by Numbers Bay City Pop 4:29 1984
Cybotron Clear Enter DedSec Pirate Radio 4:54 1983
Daniela Mercury Rapunzel Feijão com Arroz Las Ondas De La Ria 3:39 1997
Day Wave Hard to Read Hard To Read Bay City Pop 3:10 2016
Dead Kennedys Soup Is Good Food Frankenchrist Rock The Bridge 4:18 1985
Deadmau5 (ft. Colleen D'Agostino) Seeya While(1<2) Bay City Pop 6:43 2014

Direct Hit

Forced to Sleep

Wasted Mind Rock The Bridge 3:15 2016
Dizzee Rascal I Don't Need a Reason The Fifth Radio Bay Nation 3:17 2013
DJ Quik Dollaz + Sense Safe + Sound Radio Bay Nation 5:52 1995
DKMD I'm Watching You Sacrificio - EP DedSec Pirate Radio 6:31 2016
Down and Outlaws I Don't Care (I Don't Care) Above Snakes Rock The Bridge 3:03 2015
Dual Core All the Things All The Things Radio Bay Nation 4:44 2012
Duran Duran Planet Earth Duran Duran Bay City Pop 3:59 1981
Eric B. & Rakim Don't Sweat the Technique Don't Sweat the Technique Radio Bay Nation 4:22 1992
Eric Satie Gnossiennes No. 1 Gnossiennes Centuries Classical 3:34 1893
Franz Joseph Haydn Emperor Quartet (Finale Presto) String Quartets, Op. 76 Centuries Classical 6:20 1800
Frédéric Chopin Nocturne No. 20 Nocturnes Centuries Classical 5:06 1870
Frédéric Chopin Prelude No. 8 (Molto Agitato) Preludes Centuries Classical 1:45 1839
Gabriel Faure Pavanne None Centuries Classical 6:22 1887
Giorgio Moroder 74 Is The New 24 Déjà Vu DedSec Pirate Radio 4:02 2014
Gonjasufi Krishna Punk Callus DedSec Pirate Radio 2:00 2016
Good Riddance United Cigar For God and Country Rock The Bridge 2:46 1995
Ismael Rivera El Nazareno Maelo... El Único Las Ondas De La Ria 5:44 1992
Jawbreaker Chesterfield King Bivouac Rock The Bridge 3:55 1992
Johann Sebastian Bach Keyboard Concerto No. 1 (Allegro) Harpsichord Concerto, BWV 1052 Centuries Classical 7:10 1734
Judas Priest Turbo Lover Turbo Rock The Bridge 5:33 1986
Jungle Fire Los Feligreses Tropicoso Las Ondas De La Ria 3:54 2014
Kate Boy Northern Lights One Bay City Pop 3:35 2012
KC & The Sunshine Band I Get Lifted KC & The Sunshine Band Las Ondas De La Ria 3:04 1976
Lagwagon Reign Hang Rock The Bridge 3:21 2014
Leatherface Not Superstitious Mush Rock The Bridge 4:19 1991
LFO LFO Frequencies DedSec Pirate Radio 3:26 1991
Lone Coreshine Voodoo Echolocations - EP Radio Bay Nation 4:32 2011
Los Rakas Kalle Panabay Twist 2: La Tanda del Bus Radio Bay Nation 3:13 2009
Los Rakas Soy Raka Chancletas y Camisetas Bordada Radio Bay Nation 3:37 2011
Lower Dens To Die in L.A. Escape from Evil Bay City Pop 4:11 2015
Ludwig van Beethoven Piano Sonata No. 14 None Centuries Classical 3:58 1801
Mac Dre Get Stupid Ronald Dregan: Dreganomics Radio Bay Nation 4:10 2004
Major Lazer (ft. Pharrell) Aerosol Can Apocalypse Soon Bay City Pop 3:02 2014
Masked Intruder Crime Spree M.I. Rock The Bridge 2:33 2014
Megadeth Fatal Illusion Dystopia Rock The Bridge 4:16 2015
Metro Area Miura Metro Area DedSec Pirate Radio 6:42 2002
M|O|O|N Chlorophyll None DedSec Pirate Radio 5:09 2014
M|O|O|N (ft. Omar Doom) Voices None DedSec Pirate Radio 3:57 2014
Naughty by Nature Uptown Anthem Naughty by Nature Radio Bay Nation 3:03 1992
New Bomb Turks Sucker Punch Destroy-Oh-Boy! Rock The Bridge 3:30 1993
N.E.R.D Spaz Seeing Sounds Radio Bay Nation 3:51 2008
NOFX Leave It Alone Punk in Drublic Rock The Bridge 2:04 1995
No Use for a Name Invincible Making Friends Rock The Bridge 2:22 1997
Oliver Heldens (ft. Ida Corr) Good Life None Bay City Pop 3:19 2016
Outkast Rosa Parks Aquemini Radio Bay Nation 5:24 1998
Pangea Collective Nadia Baba - EP Las Ondas De La Ria 4:36 2009
PEARS Green Star Green Star Rock The Bridge 2:31 2016
Pep Love Hip Hop My Friend Rigmarole Radio Bay Nation 3:28 2012
Plaid CLOCK The Digging Remedy DedSec Pirate Radio 4:24 2016
Prayers Gothic Summer Gothic Summer Bay City Pop 2:58 2014
PUP Reservoir PUP Rock The Bridge 3:16 2013
Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky Piano Concerto No. 1 None Centuries Classical 9:10 1875
Rancid Journey to The End of the East Bay ...And Out Come the Wolves Rock The Bridge 3:11 1995
Run the Jewels Blockbuster Night, Pt. 1 Run the Jewels 2 Radio Bay Nation 2:32 2014
Rustie (ft. Danny Brown) Attak Green Language DedSec Pirate Radio 3:01 2014
Shannon and the Clams It's Too Late Gone by the Dawn Rock The Bridge 2:10 2015
Shirt Phantom (Redux) Rap Money Radio Bay Nation 2:35 2015
Skylar Spence Fiona Coyne Prom King Bay City Pop 4:05 2014
Small Black Boys Life Best Blues Bay City Pop 5:00 2015
Sorority Noise Art School Wannabe Joy, Departed Rock The Bridge 3:13 2015
Squarepusher Stor Eiglass Damogen Furies DedSec Pirate Radio 4:32 2015
Sublime Wrong Way Sublime Las Ondas De La Ria 2:16 1997
Swingin' Utters Soldier Boy The Streets of San Francisco Rock The Bridge 2:17 1995
Tate Kobang Bank Rolls (Remix) None Radio Bay Nation 3:05 2015
The Galleria Calling Card Calling Card / Mezzanine DedSec Pirate Radio 5:24 2015
The Lookouts Agape IV Rock The Bridge 2:14 1990
The Polish Ambassador (ft. Ayla Nereo & Mr. Lif) Let the Rhythm Just Pushing Through the Pavement Bay City Pop 5:55 2014
The Prodigy (ft. Martina Topley-Bird & The Top Secret Drum Corps) The Day Is My Enemy The Day Is My Enemy DedSec Pirate Radio 4:24 2015
Tony Rebel Jah Is By My Side If Jah Las Ondas De La Ria 3:51 1997
Tower of Power So Very Hard to Go Tower of Power Bay City Pop 3:37 1973
Turbonegro Denim Demon Ass Cobra Rock The Bridge 2:11 1996
Ty Dolla $ign (ft. B.o.B.) Paranoid Beach House - EP Radio Bay Nation 3:36 2013
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart Eine Kleine Nachtmusik (Allegro) Köchel Catalogue Centuries Classical 6:12 1787
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart Symphony No. 40 (Molto Allegro) Köchel Catalogue Centuries Classical 6:00 1788


  • Disk Space Full: Unlock every song with the SongSneak app.
  • Note: Offers (30 points) on Xbox One/Xbox 360 and is a (Silver) trophy on PS4/PS3.[1]


  • The Song Sneak app is based on the popular Android and iOS apps Shazam and SoundHound .