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Aiden, someone's knocking! 

"Someone's Knocking" is the thirty-second storyline mission in Watch Dogs, and the first mission of Act IV.

Mission plot

After downloading Iraq's data and killing him, Aiden leaves Rossi-Fremont and heads back to the bunker to analyze what he got from the server. Upon arriving, Raymond Kenney tells him about Iraq's data, which is evidence against corrupt ties between the Chicago South Club and various city figures such as the police. Clara then comments that Iraq's plan was to blackmail the whole city. Aiden then notices something strange on the computer screen. Kenney remarks that someone is trying to hack the Bunker's servers. Aiden must trace the signal to kill the hacker's access.

Aiden hacks the hotspots left by the hacker to trace him. As he completes the hotspots, they become harder to complete, due to the hacker sending spywares to the server. While hacking the hotspots, T-Bone suspects the hacker to be Defalt, who can cause serious trouble. After successfully hacking all three hotspots, the crew hacks into Defalt's camera. Kenney insults Defalt upon seeing him. Defalt, however, succeeds in downloading the data and displays on the Bunker's screen "I KNOW WHAT YOU DID, CLARA", He sends an audio file to the computers.

Aiden insists on playing it, while T-Bone thinks he shouldn't. The audio log reveals that Clara Lille was hired by an unknown man to trace Damien Brenks and Aiden after the failure of the Merlaut Job, which led to the death of Lena Pearce. T-Bone tries to "wake Aiden up", as Defalt is deleting the data from the servers. He is then forced to turn the power off. Aiden violently asks Clara who ordered the hit, but she swears she doesn't know. Aiden then tells her to "get away from [him]", as he throws her to the ground. Defalt then leaves a final message on the screen : "UBER PWNED, COURTESY OF DEFALT". Kenney then tells that Aiden has to stall Damien and buy him some time so he can find Defalt and steal back their data.

Mission objectives

  • Enter the bunker to analyze Iraq's data.
  • Trace the hacker.

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