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Smoking Gun is a mission in Watch Dogs: Legion, and the fifth mission of the SIRS chapter.


DedSec has managed to help Richard Malik to unmask a rogue SIRS officer, Emily Child, who was believed to be the leader of Zero Day. They have tracked down possible locations of Emma Child starting with The Stage in Lambeth. However, after the player opens a garage door it is discovered to be an ambush by Albion. Their operative is then put in the back of a black van, kidnapped.

Bagley states that he believes that the kidnapped operative is being tortured for information about Richard Malik. From there, DedSec decides to go after Malik before focusing on Child. Bagley manages to trace one of Malik’s message to a safe house at County Hall in Lambeth. After pulling a lever to reveal a network bypass, Bagley, taking control of a drone completes the bypass while the player must defend his drone from multiple Albion drones and guards.

Once Bagley completes the bypass and the player pulls the lever again, a secret room is revealed behind a false sliding door disguised as a wall. Inside the room, the player contacts Richard Malik via a computer. Malik reveals that SIRS uses construction sites to hold and interrogate people they have arrested, and he believes that Emma Child has just arrived at one, presumably with the kidnapped operative too.

The player arrives at Nine Elms Walkway, a construction site in Nine Elms, where Emma Child and the kidnapped DedSec operative are believed to be. Inside a holding chamber, the player confronts Child, but she reveals that Richard betrayed both her and DedSec. She plays a video of Malik telling Nigel Cass of a plan to infiltrate DedSec, to destroy them. Child says she thinks that Malik may be involved in the bombings and is planning to do it again. She then creates a deal with DedSec: Help her kill Malik and their operative is released. DedSec agrees, as they suspect him as being the leader of Zero Day.


  • Investigate The Stage
  • Search for Malik's Hideout at County Hall
  • Defend the Bagley Drone
  • Use the lever to access the safehouse
  • Contact Richard Malik
  • Escape the area
  • Get to safety
  • Rescue the DedSec Operative

Data Drive

SIRS Badge

A relic that can be found on the floor of the safehouse at County Hall.

USB.png Relic
SIRS Badge
A SIRS badge belonging to Richard Malik granting access to highly secure locations and information.

Dossier: Richard Malik

Unlocked after speaking to Emma Child at Nine Elms Walkway.

USB.png Text
Dossier: Richard Malik

NAME: Richard Malik

BIRTHPLACE: London, Southall


POLITICAL AFFILIATIONS: Conservative and Unionist Party, Cornerstone Group

TITLES: Lieutenant, Royal Navy (ret., hon. discharge); Case Officer, MI:6 (ret.), Director, Tactical Response, SIRS (voluntary demotion), Counterterrorism Analyst, SIRS (current).

HONOURS: Order of the British Empire (CBE), Distinguished Service Cross (MI:6), Victoria Cross (Royal Navy), Conspicuous Gallantry Cross (Royal Navy).

PSYCH EVAL: Fit for duty with reservations*
*Richard inconsistently exhibits delusions of grandeur associated with certain personality disorders, and his antisocial behaviour is cause for some concern. However, he's self-aware enough to acknowledge these issues and has committed to a regimen of mindfulness training and counselling to manage them.

SUPERVISOR'S NOTE (Emma C.): Addendum. Malik is a career civil servant. Since our days together in MI:6, I've known him to be patriotic, intensely bright, and loyal - or so I thought. He came into SIRS as the director of tactical response, which I recommended him for personally. It was a well deserved step up. When he approached me asking for a significant demotion to work in counter-terror as an analyst, he argued that his talents would be put to better use in that role. He was right--a mind like Malik's is wasted on the door-kickers. But I realize now he was actually putting himself within striking distance of my position. So much for loyalty.


Subject: Combating the 'DedSec' Insurgent Organization

Emma, draft of my white paper summary attached. Would love to hear your thoughts.

As an organisation, the DedSec insurgents may pose a greater threat to order in the United Kingdom than all our other calamities combined. They have the dubious honour of being both technically sophisticated and organizationally chaotic, which makes them both extremely dangerous and extremely difficult to infiltrate. However, with planning and cooperation this challenge can be overcome.

A signals approach to intelligence gathering is impossible where DedSec is concerned. Individual operative communications may be compromised using local jammers, but so far any attempt to get location or identity traces off intercepted signals have proved fruitless. Our current assumption is they're using a combination of standard cybersecurity defences as well as dynamic-AI controlled Optik ID cycling (Malik 2021), which cannot be defeated with our available tools.

A human intelligence approach may prove more effective. We could use traditional surveillance to confirm the identities of individual operatives, then capture and interrogate. The information we extract may not be as reliable as a signals source, but it should be enough to obtain names and descriptions of active operatives. Assuming a relatively small active organization (Malik 2020), this intelligence would be enough to facilitate a traditional enforcement response. Even taking into account DedSec's cell-based organization (ibid.), a conservative estimate for total organizational attrition following a mass identity exposure is about 72 hours (Appendix A).

But it still wouldn't be enough. The other issue is their global popularity and flexibility. If we arrest ten DedSec operatives in the morning, they can have twenty new ones in the field that evening. A coordinated psyops approach is also required. Put simply, membership in this organisation must be made so unpalatable to the general public that no sane person would ever dream of joining. Traditional propaganda has proven ineffective; thus a more radical approach should be permitted.

SIRS prevents dozens of terrorist actions every year, but only our failures are public. Each one is regrettable, but they do happen. If DedSec could be associated with one of these failures, research shows this is likely to produce the desired psyops effect (Appendix B). Put crudely, everyone wants to be a freedom fighter, but no one wants to be a terrorist.

What follows is an in-depth study of the logistical and infrastructure requirements for such an operation.

Subject: RE: Combating the 'DedSec' Insurgent Organization

Richard - My honest thoughts are that you should destroy this paper. You are dangerously close to condoning a false flag attack on British soil. Do yourself and your carreer a favour and lose this. I'm going to do the same.



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