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Skye Larsen is one of the four secondary antagonists (alongside Nigel Cass, Mary Kelley and Richard Malik) of Watch Dogs: Legion, and the overarching antagonist of the Bloodline DLC. She is the main antagonist of the 404 chapters.

A transhumanist, Larsen was the founder of Broca Tech, a corporation that spearheaded several artificial intelligence projects such as Bagley and Daybreak, with the goal of turning people into computer programs in order to save humanity.


Before Watch Dogs: Legion

Skye Larsen was born in London to a very wealthy family. At some point in her life, her father Kevin left after Sinead discovered he was having an affair, and she and her younger brother Bradley were raised by their mother alone. Skye went on to become the founder of Broca Tech at the age of 25. She partnered her company with Blume Corporation and used its resources and backing to create Bagley, and ultimately the Daybreak project. When her mother developed a motor neuron disease and her brother was diagnosed with epilepsy, Skye became obsessed with the process of neural mapping, believing it was the next stage in human evolution and could be used to create a society free of death and disease.

At some point, Skye built a cottage under her house to serve as a secret science lab for her experiments. She used her mother and her dog, Ada, as her first test subjects. She killed Ada, uploaded her mind to a Spiderbot, and put her into a glass box in the cottage’s garage with nothing but a tiny football to play with. Sinead was enraged by this, not believing Skye's claims that Ada was "alive and well," and didn’t want Skye to continue her work. Skye took this poorly and assumed that her mother didn't recognize or appreciate her talent.

After burying her dog, Skye’s mother became weaker, and she eventually had to be moved to her bedroom while on life support. Skye later sedated her mother and moved her to the laboratory in the cottage's basement to neural map her. Sinead's body died two minutes after the process was complete, and she awoke to find she couldn't see. Skye spent 29 days deleting parts of her mother's consciousness to make her into a submissive voice assistant, ignoring Sinead's pleas to put her out of her misery. Sometime later, Skye left her home and met with her brother, convincing him to undergo the neural mapping process as a treatment for his epilepsy. This worked for over a year, but his condition began to decline again, and he was eventually hospitalized and diagnosed with early onset dementia.

Skye refused to allow her brother to "waste away" in the hospital, and paid for a room at St. Pancras Hotel so he could be treated there. While his dementia worsened, Skye continued her experiments and was able to create Bagley, which she later sold to Blume. Satisfied, she left her brother under the care of a nurse named Elizabeth and began Project Daybreak, paying Albion in exchange for protection to safely begin the project. Skye eventually discovered that she was dying, and went back to the London Blume Complex to attempt to cheat death and continue Daybreak by uploading herself into the global cloud.

Events of Watch Dogs: Legion

DedSec teamed up with 404 and broke into the Blume Complex to stop Daybreak. An operative sent by DedSec shut down the two main generators powering Daybreak, and then headed to Skye’s power source to shut her down. Skye begged them to stop, while Nowt demanded that she be shut down. The operative is given two options: shut Skye down for good, or fulfill her request and finish the upload. If the operative chooses the former, Skye will die, and Broca Tech will shut Daybreak down out of respect for her death. If they choose the latter, she will be uploaded and free to continue her work, sending a final audio note to the operative saying that she now has so much more time.


Skye was a highly intelligent, extremely narcissistic and self-serving sociopath who also suffered from thanatophobia. This fear of death is what fueled her obsession with the advancement of humanity through science and technology, leading to cruel experiments on her loved ones, such as her dog Ada, her brother Bradley and mother Sinead. Upon being confronted by DedSec operatives who broke into Blume, she pleaded for them to upload an AI of her consciousness, stating she did not want to die.

She believed humanity to be a self-destructive species and in danger of extinction through the disasters caused by them in the past, coming to devise the Daybreak Project using neural mapping technology to create AI replicas of a human being's consciousness, so that humanity could live forever without being devastated by a cataclysm. It was obvious to DedSec and even 404 that all these "broken philosophies" she was making about humanity were just excuses for her narcissistic messiah complex and to be seen by them as some kind of a heroine in order to quench her hunger for power.


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  • Skye is possibly based on Elizabeth Holmes, former CEO of Theranos. Skye's conference at the GBB, where she uses her mother's dementia and desire that nobody ever face similar trauma as her motivation for Project Daybreak, parallels Holmes's 2014 TEDMED presentation where she uses her uncle's cancer diagnosis and sudden passing as her own motivation for developing the Edison machine. Also like Skye, she quickly quashed any accusations of unethical practices, such as the 2006 firing of Theranos CFO Henry Mosley after confronting Holmes about how "live" demonstrations of the Edison machine were actually prerecorded.
  • In Bloodline, Jackson Pearce mentions that he is a big fan of Skye Larsen, and that he recently won a scholarship from her foundation. However, it is unknown how he reacted to DedSec's exposé on the extremely abusive origins of her AI technology.