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This page may include spoilers about the Watch Dogs: Legion plot that you may not have discovered yet. Read at your own risk.

Skye Larsen is an antagonist in Watch Dogs: Legion. A transhumanist, Larsen was the founder of Broca Tech, a corporation that spearheaded several artificial intelligence projects such as Bagley and Daybreak.


According to a Hospital Wristband relic, Skye's mother, Sinead, was born on March 9, 1971, and was admitted to the hospital at some point before the events of Watch Dogs: Legion. Some time after, Skye began experimenting with neural-mapping. A procedure of scanning one's brain, and the consciousness, then uploading it onto a computer. Her first subject appears to be Ada, her pet dog, which she neural mapped and uploaded onto a Spiderbot.

Following this, against her mom's will, she neural mapped and uploaded her onto a computer. She also neural mapped her brother Bradley and used his conscience to create Bagley, which is revealed at the end of the mission Finding Bagley. Bradley is still alive and Bagley is given the opportunity to speak to his former self, but unfortunately he is in stage 7 dementia which means he can't talk, but smiles at the end of Bagley's short sentiment addressed to him.

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