The Skills Tree in Watch Dogs.

Not to be confused with the Progression Tree.

The Skills Tree is the character progression system in Watch Dogs and Watch Dogs 2.


The system works in tandem with the XP system in Watch Dogs and the RP system of Watch Dogs 2. It is how the player can upgrade their character to become more powerful in terms of their hacking abilities. The skills tree can also be used to upgrade the skills of the protagonists themselves, thus improving their efficiency in driving, combat or strategic situations.

In Watch Dogs, skills are unlocked with skill points, which are gained every level. This can be done by completing Gang Hideouts or stopping crime around the city (which will also boost your notoriety). In Watch Dogs 2, the player can use their RP to upgrade the Skills Tree in the _/Research app.

At the beginning of the game, the player can only access "Tier 1" skills, which are the basic skills in the game. Once the player starts Open Your World, all the remaining advanced skills can be unlocked.

List of Skills and conditions

Watch Dogs

Category Tier 1 Tier 2 Tier 3 Tier 4
Focus (Point Cost 1)
Press R3/ALT to start (or stop) Combat Focus and slowdown the perception of time.

Focus can be used while driving to hack more effectively.

Stealth Sprint (Point Cost 4)
Sprinting has a reduced detection radius
Critical Focus (Point Cost 5) (Must complete one Criminal Convoy to unlock)
Replenishes Focus when health is critically low.
Improved Focus (Point Cost 5)
Increases Focus duration.
Slowed Focus (Point Cost 3)
Time moves slower when in Focus.
Maximized Focus (Point Cost 5) (Must complete 10 Chess Puzzles to unlock)
Greatly increases total Focus duration.
Quick Switch (Point Cost 1) (Must catch one criminal via CDS to unlock)
Increases weapons switch speed.
Pistol Expert (Point Cost 2)
Increases rate of fire with semi-automatic pistols.
Shotgun Expert (Point Cost 3)
Increases shotgun damage against vehicles.
Sniper Rifle Expert (Point Cost 4)
Increases scope steadiness for sniper rifles.
Auto Weapons Expert (Point Cost 5) (Must reach Level 5 in NVZN to unlock)
Increases burst precision with all automatic weapons.
Steady Aim (Point Cost 1)
Decreases weapon recoil when firing any weapon.
Demolitionist (Point Cost 3)
Increases the amount of carried explosives.
Expert Demolitionist (Point Cost 4)
Increases the amount of carried explosives.
Enforcer Combat Takedown (Point Cost 5)
Take down Enforcers in combat.
Bullet Resistance (Point Cost 2)
Reduces damage suffered from enemy bullets.
Blast Resistance (Point Cost 3)
Greatly reduces damage taken from explosions.
Rapid Reload (Point Cost 4) (Must complete 5 Gang Hideouts to unlock)
Improves reload speed of all weapons.
Crafted Items Lure (Free)
A simple electronic device that can be used to distract and draw in enemies. Non-lethal.
Jam Coms (Point Cost 1)
Very popular App! Interrupting phone calls is just the start. Guaranteed to scramble any cop scans too. Yes, very popular indeed.
Blackout (Point Cost 1)
Create chaos by plunging the city into darkness. Help all those whining citizens conserve power for the city. *Warning* may cause open sparks - which is also pretty awesome.
ctOS Scan (Point Cost 3)
Single use CtOS Scan to detect and tag non-player enemies.
Focus Boost (Point Cost 2)
Pill that provides massive instant recovery of Focus.
Frag Grenade (Point Cost 1)
The Frag (short for fragmentation) Grenade is an explosive that sprays a hail of shrapnel upon detonation.
IED (Point Cost 2)
IEDs (Improvised Explosive Devices) are high-powered explosives. Their heavy weight means they have a short throw range. Hack to detonate.
Proximity IED (Point Cost 3)
The Proximity IED is an improvised explosive that will detonate when it detects movement.
Driving Car Unlock (Point Cost 1)
Automatically disables vehicle alarms and unlocks doors.
Defensive Driver (Point Cost 2)
Reduces damage taken from collisions.
Precision Driver (Point Cost 3)
Tires have a lower chance of blowouts.
Escape Artist (Point Cost 5)
Improves the stealth capabilities of Hide-In-Car. Effective when evading choppers.
Off-Road Driver (Point Cost 3)
Improves off-road handling (grass and dirt).
Offensive Driver (Point Cost 5) (Must complete 5 Fixer Contracts to unlock)
Causes more collision damage to enemy vehicles.
Hacking Hacker's Tool Kit (Free)
Several hacking exploits that help in combat, stealth and surveillance. Included is the ability to ghost into the ctOS security cameras to scout any area.
Extra Battery (Point Cost 1)
Adds an additional battery slot.
Extra Battery II (Point Cost 3)
Adds an additional battery slot.
Extra Battery III (Point Cost 5)
Adds an additional battery slot.
ATM Hack Boost (Point Cost 3)
Increases the amount of money gained when hacking bank accounts at ATMs.
Profiler Optimization (Point Cost 4)
Automatically highlights (blue locater) civilians with high value rewards such as system keys, lucrative bank accounts, and high quality vehicle unlocks.

Press X/Square to activate the Profiler and learn more about the targeted civilian.

ATM Hack Boost Plus (Point Cost 5)
Further increases the amount of money gained when hacking bank accounts at ATMs.
Utilities (Free)
Hold X/Square to overload building utilities and create explosions.
Disrupt Enemy Comms (Point Cost 2)
Hack enemy to stun him by sending feedback into his helmet communication equipment.
Disable Reinforcement Calls (Point Cost 5)
Disable the enemy's ability to call reinforcements.
L-Train Control (Point Cost 1)
Press X/Square to stop or start L-Trains and escape your enemies.
Transformers (Point Cost 3)
Hold X/Square to overload transformers and create large electrical explosions. The resulting blackout will conceal you from enemies at night.
Traffic Lights (Free)
Hold X/Square to redirect traffic signals and cause accidents.

Press X/Square while the blue diamond flashes (blue diamond) to take out vehicles.

Gates & Garages (Point Cost 1)
Hold X/Square to open or close gates and garage doors.
Bridges (Point Cost 1)
Hold X/Square to open or close the city bridges.
Steam Pipes (Point Cost 3)
Hold X/Square to overload steam pipes beneath the city streets and cause explosions.

Press X/Square while the blue diamond flashes (blue diamond) to take out vehicles.

Disable Helicopter (Point Cost 2)
Disable Helicopters for 5 seconds.
Improved Disable Helicopter (Point Cost 3)
Disable Helicopters for 10 seconds.
Blockers (Bollards) (Point Cost 1)
Hold X/Square to raise or lower the city blockers.

Press X/Square while the blue diamond flashes (blue diamond) to take out vehicles.

Road Spikes (Point Cost 2)
Hold X/Square to raise or lower city road spikes.

Press X/Square while the blue diamond flashes (blue diamond) to take out vehicles.

Watch Dogs 2

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