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Aerial view of Silicon Valley and the surrounding area south of San Francisco.

Silicon Valley is an area of the San Francisco Bay Area, in Watch Dogs 2.


Silicon Valley plays a major role in the game's story, since it is the HQ of many large tech companies such as Tidis, Blume, Nudle, Galilei, and others, and the birthplace of hacking and technology. The Silicon Valley area is bordered by the Bay to the east and the mountains and ocean to the west. Several freeways pass through the valley. The freeways lead to Oakland and downtown San Francisco.


There are fifteen landmarks in found throughout Silicon Valley.

ScoutX Locations

There are four ScoutX locations found throughout Silicon Valley.

  • New Dawn Temple; found by the New Dawn Temple.
  • Nudle Lightbulb; found by Nudle Headquarters.
  • Stanford Tower; found by Stanford University.
  • Tidis Building; found by Tidis Headquarters.


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