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The government would sooner arrest us for trying to help than actually do something useful. 
―Sabine in Operation Westminster

Sabine Brandt is the main antagonist of Watch Dogs: Legion. She was a former hacker in DedSec, who founded Zero Day after she had turned into a disillusioned, misanthropic terrorist.


Sabine is an operative of the DedSec cell operating in London. She was heavily involved in Operation Westminster, the operation which led to the downfall of DedSec in London and the current police state in which it resides. She has made it her sole purpose to revive DedSec and stop Albion's reign of terror over the city — or so DedSec thought.

However, it is later revealed that she is working for Zero Day the entire time. It turns out that, prior to Operation Westminster, she had made a deal with Albion CEO Nigel Cass in which Cass would help set up the bombs for the attacks. As a result, she’d get access to Albion’s Filament network - an extremely powerful computer network that could aid her greatly - in exchange for Albion seizing control over London. However, the deal goes wrong when DedSec operative Dalton Wolfe defuses the bombs under the Parliament building on the night of the bombings, thereby causing Cass to go back on his end of the bargain and attempt to kill Brandt, though the latter managed to escape. Throughout the story she appears to be assisting DedSec with their operations, but is actually using them to exact revenge upon Cass, while obtaining the technology needed to act out her grand scheme: make the UK society forgo technology and rebuild it from the ground up. Brandt was the only member of Zero Day involved in the following scheme, as the other members of the group refused to participate in the operation, but the organization was still active despite Sabine's arguments with her comrades.

After DedSec defeated the four hostile factions in London - Clan Kelley, Albion, Broca Tech, and SIRS - Brandt took their hard-won gains and launched a massive cyber attack on London via DedSec AI Bagley. However, her plot was thwarted when two DedSec operatives proceed to shut down Bagley’s servers, disabling him. She goes to the top of Blume Complex to watch the chaos unfold, but falls when the operative hacks a panel she’s standing on and drops her. Her body is never found by the authorities.


  • It was implied during Operation Westminster that she was close with Dalton Wolfe, indicating either a close friendship as head operatives of the former DedSec cell, or possibly a romantic involvement as Nigel Cass points out in his words "Break ups are hard" after she guns down Dalton with her drones.
  • Sabine's facial tattoos appear similar to patterns used to prevent facial recognition. Real-world projects like CV Dazzle use such patterns and techniques to stop machine vision algorithms from detecting the presence of a human face.
  • If Sabine is British, then she possibly had some German heritage, as her last name, Brandt is of German origin, and Sabine is a common name for German females.
  • Sabine is the only female main antagonist of the Watch Dogs series.