The SRG-12 is a semi-automatic shotgun from Russia. It fires quickly, but its recoil negatively affects its precision.
―In-game Description

The SGR-12 is a shotgun that appears in Watch Dogs and Watch Dogs 2. In Watch Dogs 2, it is named RSG-12.


The SGR-12's design is based on that of the Saiga-12 semi-automatic shotgun. More specifically, the in-game model is the Saiga-12S, complete with 580mm barrel and lightweight folding buttstock.


Like all other in-game shotguns, the SGR-12 is chambered for the use of 12-gauge shells, offering high damage per round. The shotgun has a relatively good rate of fire and employs 12-round box magazines for its feed system, offering a good amount of sustained fire duration. This gun is a short range killer, just like M1014.


Watch Dogs

Watch Dogs 2



  • In real life, the only 12-round magazines available for the Saiga-12 are drum magazines, suggesting that the in-game model uses aftermarket extended box magazines. However, the HUD icon suggests a physically impossible small box configuration.
  • The weapon appears in Rainbow Six Siege, another Ubisoft game, albeit slightly altered. It is used by the Russian Spetsnaz, except for Fuze, who uses an AK-12, and Glaz, who uses a bullpup sniper rifle that is a variant of the SVD.


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