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Defalt's modifications make this car one-of-a-kind.
―Description in Watch Dogs.

The Rosewood is a station wagon that appears in Watch Dogs. It is a modified Woodie.


The Rosewood is the station wagon driven by Defalt. The car is a variant of the Woodie, with different headlights, LED turning lights, clean bodywork, tinted windows, sport rims, different rear-view mirrors, no roof racks, no antenna, and a different interior. The Rosewood's back windows have scrolling animations of Defalt masks. The masks are different sizes and different shades of blue. Its license plate always says "D3F 4L7", which is "Defalt" in Leetspeak. The vehicle always comes in a combination of metallic red and black.

This is the only car in the game to have indestructible rear windows. It is very silent, but the player will be easily seen during Online Tailing/Hacking.


Given that the Rosewood is a modified vehicle, it has a better performance over its counterpart, with good acceleration and top speed. However, its main weakness is the lack of handling on the rear tires, which will cause the vehicle to swerve at full or half speed. Therefore, it is more suitable for straight roads.


General Aspects
Top Speed Acceleration Durability Handling
Star Star Star Star Star Star Star Star Star Star Star Star Star Star half Star Shaded Star Star Star Star half Star Shaded
Technical Aspects
Acceleration Engine Drivetrain Gears
N/A Single-cam V8 Front engine, rear wheel drive 4


Notable Owners

  • Defalt, who was the one who customized the Woodie to make the Rosewood.



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