Role Model
Role Model 2
Story Mission
Game Watch Dogs
Part of story Act 2, Mission 13
Target Jackson Pearce
Unlocked by completing A Risky Bid
Unlocks Planting a Bug
The look on Jacks's face. What did I do? I killed every one of them. What was I thinking? That's not who I am... is it?
―Aiden Pearce

"Role Model" is the 28th storyline mission in Watch Dogs, and the 13th mission of Act II.


After Aiden escapes from the auction, Yolanda calls Aiden and tells him that his nephew, Jackson, has escaped. Then, Aiden tracks Jackson's tablet and Aiden finds that he is in a restaurant by the ocean that is owned by the Club. After Aiden arrives there, he finds a Racine truck and a bunch of enemies. After Aiden kills them all, he rescues Jackson and escapes, feeling guilty that he killed all the thugs.

Mission objectives

  • Eliminate all enemies.
  • Defend against reinforcements.
  • Find Jackson.

Mission Walkthrough

Note: Don't bother with non-lethal approach (unless you want to challenge yourself), because the game assumes you've killed all enemies anyway. Use the cameras in the parking lot and inside the building to check out all the guards (there are two enemies up the balcony and eight more around the perimeter). Next, use the environmental explosives to take down as many guards as possible. Use the cars or cover to pick off any survivors.

As soon as these guards are dead two more cars will arrive, carrying four enemies each. If you have a high enough hacking skill rating, you can take them down quickly with the hazards (such as steam vents) in the parking lot before they even exit their cars. If not, make a stand in the building (preferably on the second floor) and shoot them the moment they leave their vehicles. When every guard is dead, go to the third floor and access the hacking point by the door at the top of the stairs. This will unlock the door where you’ll find Jackson.



  • After the mission ends, Jackson talks to Aiden -that normally Jacks never talks to anybody else but his mother, Nicole- that means he started to beat the PTSD.
  • After the mission ends, Aiden is seen in a silver Sonarus LX that has the licence plate "N3XU5", which means "NEXUS" in Leet. This is a reference to the name of Watch Dogs when it was in beta, "Nexus."
  • There are 2 guards with fixed profiles:
    • The guard with the hidden camera on the restaurant balcony: Gary Hodge, Recently called for police lineup, Occupation: Construction Worker.
    • The guard with the hidden camera at the back of the restaurant: Salvatore Dio, Explosives expert, Occupation: Contractor.

Video Walkthrough


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