Robert Racine
Status Deceased
Age 43
Born 1970
Died 2013
Cause of death Killed by Aiden Pearce
Nationality American
Residence Chicago
Affiliation(s) Chicago South Club
Profession Racine Boat Restoration (CEO)

Robert Racine is a minor character in Watch Dogs.


Robert was an officer of the Chicago South Club and the owner of Racine Boat Restoration. According to his CTOS profile, he was 43 years old, had a median income of at least $35,800, and has hired a bankruptcy lawyer. He drives a white Tributary 1500. During the events of Watch Dogs, he became an associate of Damien Brenks and kidnapped Nicole Pearce in order to get money to save his failing business.

Racine also sent Damien's Fixers to kidnap Jackson Pearce, even though he had been ordered not to by Damien. For that, he was tracked down by Aiden Pearce, who killed Racine's guards and chased him out onto the road, finally killing him in a chase despite the intervention of Club reinforcements.


  • In the story canon, Aiden kills Racine. However, he—just like all targets who have to be chased—can be simply incapacitated by using Aiden's baton, not actually killed.
  • Racine uses a P-9mm as his weapon.

Mission appearances

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