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Richard Malik is a character and a major antagonist in Watch Dogs: Legion. He is the main antagonist of the SIRS chapter.


Before Watch Dogs: Legion

Malik was raised in South London by his father, who was a diesel fitter but died when Malik was only a teenager. Malik was very academic, and spent a lot of free time studying, and graduated from college with a degree in political science and rhetoric. Malik was eventually recruited by GCHQ, serving as a field officer in Hong Kong and then in Iraq, whilst also working as a software engineer. He gained a reputation for being skilled and highly disciplined officer. However, at some point Malik was captured and imprisoned in Pakistan for eighteen years. The ordeal made him prefer undercover work, and away from the spotlight. After leaving the prison, he took up a desk job at GCHQ, and rose through the ranks to eventually become the GCHQ Regional Director of Counterintelligence for the Middle East. Malik became a firm supporter for Blume’s ISP monopoly, ensuring that data collected by Blume would be available to British intelligence.

Events of Watch Dogs: Legion

Malik put a plot into motion to overthrow his mentor, the SIRS Director of Counterterrorism, Emily Child, by framing her as the leader of Zero Day. He used DedSec to usurp her but Child discovered Malik's plot and informed them about it. They plotted to assassinate him but Malik found out and had Child killed in a bombing at Canada House and then framed DedSec for it. He enacted FILAMENT as the new Director of Counterterrorism, which would track every Londoner's actions and would give him full control to resurrect the British Empire.

DedSec believed he was the leader of Zero Day and sought to kidnap him. Malik was exposed as being behind the bombings of Canada House. He was then incarcerated in the DedSec safe house. Malik revealed to DedSec he was not affiliated with Zero Day or involved in the original bombings, and warned them to look inward instead of outward for Zero Day. They unfortunately brushed off his warnings.


Malik is a slim, rather tall man and is typically seen wearing a black suit and glasses. On his suit, he displays a red badge in the shape of a sword, which bares resemblance to the badge of the 56th London Infantry Division, although this may just be a coincidence.


Malik is very patriotic for his country, however he is also sociopathic and delusional, as he betrayed his superior and try to take down Zero Day himself. Undeniably, Malik is an extremely intelligent man and has vast knowledge of technologies, security, and spy craft. He is manipulative, consequently earning him a vast list of enemies. Malik is deeply unsettled by any form of direct violence. For instance, if Malik wished that someone were to die, instead of doing it himself he would most likely manipulate someone into killing them.


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