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Richard Malik is a character in Watch Dogs: Legion.


Richard Malik was a former agent of MI6 until he was promoted to SIRS. He is a staunch nationalist with antisocial personality disorder as well as delusions of grandeur. He became aware of Zero Day's bombing plots and allowed it to happen while he investigated them.

Malik put a plot into motion to overthrow his mentor, the SIRS Director of Counterterrorism, Emily Child, by framing her as the leader of Zero Day. He used DedSec to usurp her but Child discovered Malik's plot and informed them about it. They plotted to assassinate him but Malik found out and had Child killed in a bombing at Canada House and then framed DedSec for it. He enacted FILAMENT as the new Director of Counterterrorism, which would track every Londoner's actions and would give home full control to resurrect the British Empire.

DedSec believed he was the leader of Zero Day and sought to kidnap him. Malik was exposed as being behind the bombings of Canada House. He was then incarcerated in the DedSec safe house. Malik revealed to DedSec he is not affiliated with Zero Day and warned them to look inward instead of outward for Zero Day. They unfortunately brushed off his warnings.

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