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Restoking the Fire is a mission in Watch Dogs: Legion. It is the first mission in the second Albion chapter.


Hamish hears word that Nigel Cass is attending a press conference where he is planning to unveil a new project, and Hamish has an Albion contact willing to talk to DedSec.  When a DedSec operative goes to meet the contact, they are running late so the operative must sit and wait in the pub. Whilst they wait, a news report plays showing Nigel Cass’s speech being interrupted by an armoured vehicle that drives towards him and rolls onto its side, hitting pedestrians. A man appears with a gun pointed at Cass, but the vehicle explodes before he can shoot. DedSec decides to investigate.

The DedSec operative arrives at the scene, but Albion has already removed major evidence, so Bagley recreates the scene in AR. The footage shows Hamish’s Albion contact driving the vehicle into the crowd in an attempt to kill Nigel Cass, and they notice a black box under the vehicle. Bagley discovers that Albion moved the vehicle and the contact’s body to the TOAN bombing site.


  • Meet the Albion Informant
  • Investigate the Attack Site
  • Access the AR Footage
  • Launch the AR Reconstruction
  • Analyse Clues from the Attack
  • Escape the Area

Data Drive

Radu's Last Message

Radu Florin, Hamish's contact in Albion, reveals that Nigel Cass has not given up on Project THEMIS. The drones are already deployed and only need a system upgrade to become activated.

Audio.png Name: Radu's Last Message
Author: Radu Florin

Radu Florin:
He's launched them, mum... They're waiting up there, and no one knows. People think he'll keep them safe, but--... That's not what he wants. He wants control. He's sent them up there to watch us. And worse.

Radu Florin:
He called them justice... 'THEMIS' drones. What a cruel joke. [laugh/sob] The project was dead, but... he has the team re-engineering an upgrade that'll activate a systemic reboot and-- Heh... You always hated it when I used my 'big-up words'... I-- I can't let it happen. And without him, it doesn't.

Radu Florin:
Mum... I'm about to do something-- something awful. Or at least people will say it's awful. If they knew what I know, maybe they'd think better of me. Less of a monster. but I'm trying to stop a monster, mum, I am! If you had the chance to stop something terrible from happening by-- by killing someone. Wouldn't you do it? Something truly horrible?... I'm sorry... I love you.




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