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Regwell Gun Range is one of the few remaining indoor/outdoor shooting ranges, and is therefore fairly popular.
―In-game description

Regwell Gun Range is a world location in Watch Dogs 2.


Regwell Gun Range is located on the east side of the map in Oakland. It is situated southeast of Alameda Creek and north-east of Dumbarton Bridge.


The Regwell Gun Range is a large area located off of a dirt track in southern Oakland. It is surrounded by woodland and a small cliff. It features a small parking area and scattered buildings, and at the back of the compound is the shooting range proper with several areas of plywood targets, derelict cars and buses, and a watchtower. The compound as a whole is a restricted area, patrolled by seven Umeni Security guards, and a guard dog.


  • 1 Research Point, inside the near the buildings on the north side.
  • 1 Money Bag, close to the research point as noted above.